Like Futures

like light streaming through the canvas
like the grey fog torn apart
like thunder charging the sea
like blue neon
like giants on the shoulders of titans
like a silent suffering screaming
like empty halls throwing the voices of children back at them
like conversations in the wind
like loose ends tied in love knots
like fading crop circles in the sand
like bitten tongues and swallowed pride
like meaning what you mean when you mean it
like saying what you say when you say it
like Shakespeare in the park
like sad stories of the death of kings
like electric rain and restless nights
like wrestling blankets of sweet eccentricities
like lazy eyes meet heavy heads
like bruised egos turn cold shoulders
like tall tales tell short stories
like Rumi drunk on life
like keyhole silhouettes slipping through the dark
like catching your breath
like taking a moment to compose yourself
like taking a year just to find yourself
like resurrections of Gibran on papyrus
like Zeyhros bearing Icarus
like canute waiting by the sea
like symphonies
like futures
like you
like me

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