The Gulf You Are Looking For Does Not Exist!

Persian? Arabian? Come on, it’s just a body of water…so let’s compromise…The Perabian Gulf!

TEHRAN, Iran, AP -Iran has banned The Economist magazine for describing the Persian Gulf as merely “the Gulf” in a map published in the latest edition, state television reported Wednesday. It is the second time in two years that Iran has banned such an international publication for failing to use the term “Persian Gulf” in a map. In 2004, it banned the National Geographic atlas when a new edition appeared with the term “Arabian Gulf” in parentheses beside the more commonly used Persian Gulf.

Tehran believes in aggressively defending the use of the historical term Persian Gulf. It regards the name Arabian Gulf, used by some, as a name dreamed up by Arab nationalists. While Iran dominates the eastern side of the waterway, the western shores are held by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

State television reported late Wednesday that the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance had banned the importation and distribution of current and future editions of The Economist. The ban would only be lifted when the journal used “Persian Gulf,” the ministry was quoted as saying.

In London, where The Economist is published, the magazine said it would stand its ground.

“We’ve used ‘the Gulf’ for a long time, and we have no intention of changing it at the moment,” a spokeswoman for The Economist said, speaking on condition of anonymity in keeping with the magazine’s policy. [source]

This is probably one of the silliest “conflicts” in the region that it shouldn’t even be on the map (I was going to say ‘blip on the radar’ but the pun is intended). I really could care less what they call it.

Anyways…everyone probably knows this one by now but in case you don’t…go to and type Arabian Gulf then press “I’m feeling lucky”


  • Touchy, touchy! Scary to think they have nuclear capability. If the Lord leads you to join in, many Iranians are near the end of a 40 day fast asking God’s mercy on their country. (Don’t think I can completely fast for 40 days, I’m just excluding chocolate – but since I’m a chocoholic, it is a bit of a sacrifice 🙂

  • For those of you who dont care whether “the gulf” is called persian or arabian, fine dont care. But by calling it the Arabian Gulf or even just “the gulf” you are partcipating in a political statement against Iran. The reason is that the term Persian Gulf has been the universally accepted term until now. It doesnt mean the body of water belongs to Iran. Thats like saying the Indian Ocean belongs to India or the Arabian Sea to the Arabs. Thats just what these waters have been called. Imagine if people started calling the Gulf of Mexico Gulf of America or the English Channel be changed to The French Channel. To change the status quo is to make a statement.

    In summary, if this matter seems trivial or ridiculous to you, fine, if you ever have to mention the name of this body of water please continue to call it what it has always been called. If you say you dont care but call it “the Arabian Gulf” then that means you are lying and that you do care and you care against Iran!!!

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