The Donkey Showdown!

What would a Democrat political platform be without promising to legalize drunk driving…on weekends. This is seriously the funniest thing ever…

Jason Jones is simply hilarious. If elections could only be settled the old fashioned democratic way…a coin toss. Suffice to say the Democrats will not be taking back the house…but bigger miracles have been known to happen.

Memorable Quotes:

Miller: “Well it’ll eliminate a lot of lawsuits”
Jones: “…and children”

Miller: “I’m a married woman”
Jones: “I thought this was a swing state”


  • So, because there’s one Democrat wacko the obvious conclusion is the Democrats don’t stand a chance to win the House? That’s as absurd as believing all Muslims are lunatic jihadists because one Saudi is.

  • RocketRay, it’s not really a conclusion or a generalization…call it a prediction.

    we’re still allowed to predict an event right? πŸ˜€

  • RocketRay, lol yeah but I guess I’m so sure of the outcome the I’m considering it a “return on investment” type deal πŸ˜€

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