Does The Unborn Fetus Count?

GAZA CITY, 22 June 2006 â?? An Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a car traveling in the southern Gaza Strip yesterday evening, but missed and hit a house instead, killing a man, his sister who was seven months pregnant and her unborn baby, hospital officials said.

At least 13 other people were injured, four of them children. Two of them are in a serious condition, officials at Nasser Hospital in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis said. [source]

Death Toll = 30 (for those counting)

But I suppose “some” might argue that the unborn fetus doesn’t really count. Only moving bodies outside the womb; and even those…well…sometimes.

[via Sabbah]

In related news: The Human Rights Watch is saying Israel’s beach “probe” is “not credible” as: “An investigation that refuses to look at contradictory evidence can hardly be credible”. The Israeli army says that any Palestinian evidence was “discounted” because Palestinians are basically liars.

Two things I’ve always found strange is that an army who attacks happens to be the army that presents the case and controls the evidence for an investigation and calls this investigation the absolute truth. Isn’t that a strategy pretty much disproved by Bart Simpson’s “I didn’t do it”? Even stranger are that almost all the missles fired end up killing civilians but are called “off target” in a way that makes me wonder is they really aren’t.

Tomorrow is another day…but the silence of today is deafening.


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  • Killing a pregnant woman is heinous, but that in itself doesn’t automatically give the fetus human status. Obviously, the age of the fetus and the intent of the woman carry a role in this. She wanted to have this baby since she was already seven months along. So you have your answer. The fetus counts as long as, it’s the 3rd trimester, and the woman says it counts. The victim can’t speak for herself, but it’s pretty easy to figure this one out.

    What a senseless bloody tragedy.

  • These children will grow up one day, they will live another 40 or 50 years (if they were lucky enough), they will carry every ugly scene with them, and they will act according to it, there’s no solution, practically it’s impossible, for that he or she who lost his innocence when he’s two or three years old will never grow up and forget his pain and his right, how can he forget an every-day genocide?

    He’ll grow up with one thought, it’s either us or them.

    p.s. during that genocide, Olmert, Abbas and King Abdullah were having lunch in Petra.

  • I think you CAN give harsher penalties for killing a pregnant woman, without automatically awarding the fetus human status and contradicting laws that allow a woman the option of a safe and legal abortion. That’s where I stand.

  • people…it was a rhetorical/sarcastic question…of course the fetus counts!

    and i have no idea how the rights to abortion even enters the conversation…a woman with an unborn child was murdered, simple as that.

  • natalia, and therein lies the fault…the states can discuss the existentialism all it wants….a missle that kills a mother with an unborn child is murder under all humane definitions

    perhaps public discourse should focus less on the existentialism and concentrate more on being a bit more humane.

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