Child Toll Rises In Latest Israeli Air Strike

An Israeli air strike on a car in the northern Gaza Strip has killed three Palestinian children and wounded 10 other people.

An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the strike on Tuesday, saying the car was carrying armed men from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, affiliated with the Fatah movement of Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president.

She had no immediate word on casualties, but medical sources at Shifa hospital in Gaza City said that among the 10 wounded were seven children. The sources named one of the dead children as Mohammed Jamal Roqa, a five-year-old boy. A seven-year-old girl who died was not immediately identified. Hospital officials said that a 16-year-old girl also died of her wounds, and that among the other injured children, ranging in age from three to 12, three were in a grave condition.

Israeli officials said the aircraft fired missiles at a car in the crowded Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza.

Witnesses said the people in the car jumped out before the blast. The car exploded in a narrow street in the crowded refugee camp. The front of the car was badly damaged, but the back was intact. Hundreds of Palestinians gathered around the vehicle, shouting slogans.

Israel’s Channel 2 TV said the raid was “another failed assassination attempt, and again innocent civilians were hit”. [source]


  • Do you think that anyone will bring this up on Thursdays meeting in Petra or are we gonna give Olmurt a Noble Prize?

    I mean technically we cannot do anything , but we could use some of the zealous and ardent spirit that marked the spontanous parades against the MP’s in a similar one in Petra …

  • Three dead children? In one shot Israel has killed almost as many people as have died in FIVE years of Palestinian rocket fire. 5 Israelis have died in Palestinian rocket fire the last 5 years.

    Israel slaughters more than that on a weekly basis.

  • Abu Sinan – Why don’t you add those killed by suicide bombers to the mix?

    it’s not Israel’s fault that your terrorist breathren can’t shoot straight.

  • I really don’t know!
    I mean why the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY (which can go and fudge itself) does not give a dman?
    Is it because Pales are Browns? Is it because they are Muslims ( I’m not a Muslim)! Are they really that inferior? Or is it that they deserve what they are getting and the IDF is doing GOD and the humanity a service?

    Is it because every time we wonder why this doesn’t make headlines, we are accused of being soaked in the conspiracy theory?

    Anyways, Tarawneh , please accept my heartfelt admiration for being one of the very very few bloggers, who post about what’s going on in the “territories”

    SIRGLUBB: Even if you add the victims of Hamas’s ****heads suiciders, the IDF is still doing a more effeicent job in killing. I think it’s 4 or 5 folds! Anyways, what these kids have to do with what Hamas mother****ers did?

    Tarawneh dude, maybe you should start posting about “oh I’ve bought this “Fabulous” ventage sneakers” , “oh the new CNN website layout is Kitschy, ewww” , or the best ways to break up with a girl and not hurt her feelings, while you stay freinds and get some on the sides!
    You know, this kind of thoughtful posts!

    I wonder what the IDF will BS this time? 3 kids were dressed up like grow up terrorists ready to deploy a nuclear head?

  • Too bad for the children but I must say that the blame lies squarely with the Palestinian terrorists. Israel must continue to pursue and eliminate terrorists unless the Palestinians get serious about eliminating the terrorists themselves. Keep up the good work Israel! You are doing what you have to do.

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