Reviewing The Break Up

I thought it sucked pretty much. Two people get together, break up after two years, and then spend a miserable 2 weeks in the condo they both don’t want to move out of. The movie sold itself as some sort of summer comedy like Anchorman or Old School and it was more of a dark comedy than anything else. In fact I can’t remember a single scene where I heard people laughing (out loud at least).

What was even stranger about the story was that Aniston’s character breaks up with Vaughn’s in an attempt to make him appreciate her more. What the hell? What’s worse is that her character spends all this time trying to make him jelous, and then he kind of does the same to her and all of this happens before they get to that predictable scene where they “talk about it”. I just didn’t get it.

Like I said, it was more of a dark comedy, there were scenes where I thought woah, this is way too heavy. Then of course there were scenes where they spent 5 minutes setting up a joke you can see coming from half a mile away.

I used to think Dodgeball was Vaughn’s worst comedy but this one takes the lead. It was kind of weird seeing him an Jon Favreau together on the screen. They’ve come a long way from “Swingers” that’s for sure.

Bottom Line: 1/5


  • Anistonâ??s character breaks up with Vaughnâ??s in an attempt to make him appreciate her more. What the hell?

    this also happens in real life and..yeah exactly, what the hell! But i guess it’s like ‘you never know the value of someone until you lose them!’ *really, rolling my eyes* … I don’t get it either! I never understood dating!!! and I never understood playing hard to get …but I know all about closure 😛

    I haven’t watched the movie… sounds like a chic flick! why did u go 😀

  • Actually Nas you’re not the target audience. This is pretty much a chick flick!
    I like it though, it left a better taste in my mouth kinda.. Any movie that can stir up emotions, is a good one
    I reviewed it couple of weeks ago, here:

    Why are you so surpized when a movie called “The breakup” where the people actually DO breakup?
    (shoot don’t wanna spoil it)

  • Q, it’s not that, the way they marketed it was along the lines of a vaughn comedy like old school or wedding crashers. i expected the break up of course, but i expected to have some actual comedy. instead it was pretty heavy on those scenes.

  • Jennifer Aniston’s movies aren’t that good. She’s not very romantic and not very funny. Other than FRIENDS I don’t think she would have become successful.
    Maybe she should try something else, like pron (and that would make three billion people happy)

  • I second Hareega,
    I think she just moulded into Rachael Green and it’s hard to be wearing off this persona,
    unless she does some intense movie like a drug addict, or a rape victim. Then maybe
    the perspective will change a bit.

    Good review man.
    i liked it…
    and one reason I’d watch the movie
    to see Aniston in the short skirt! hehehe


  • Omar and Hareega, Dudes, You need to understand something
    Aniston is trying to prove that she’s not just “Rachel Green”. This is VERY important for actors, which is to be able to outlive the role that made them famous
    That’s why she’s taking a bunch of AMAZINGLY good roles. “Friends with money” got all critics raving for her drama performance. And I seriously believe she’s on her way to get nominated for an Oscar in the next couple of years if she follows this trend
    So far she’s the most successful of the four. Joey sucked big time in his spin-off. Ross didn’t do anything noteworthy besides “Band of brothers” and Madagascar. And Phoebe…. well .. I’ll still need to wait and see her upcoming HBO show
    (Imagine, I’m not even calling them with thier own names. THAT’s how much they’re affected with Friends)
    There was this actor: Mark Hamill (Luke Skywaker in Starwars) people loved him so much, but guess what, He didn’t do ANYTHING noteworthy after it. He was cursed with his own fame.

    Anyway, I think this one is definetly a good movie. And worth watching. It’s the one for the chicks to watch, sob and finish the tissue box on

  • I’m sorry to say Qwaider, but I disagree about Aniston being the most successful among the Friends.
    It’s true Joey sucked, David went behind the scenes. But look back and see who took an Emmy for Oustanding Performance! Lisa Kudrow, I think she’s a good actress but she’s all busy with her son and stuff.

    The most successful Friend would be Mattew Perry, I mean look at all his movies. The Whole 9 Yards, The Whole 10 Yards, Serving Sarah, Three To Tango, Fools Rush In. They might all be mushy-mushy romance ones, but there’s a good heap of comedy. I dunno, maybe you’re right…But I still believe Aniston needs a solid role man. Friends With Money opened at Sundance Film Festival and it’s got a similar theme to Rumor Has It.


  • aniston needs a dramatic role like “good girl” but the comedies are easy money. and in that sense she has been the most successful

    but Matt perry is going to make a huge dramatic comeback on nbc with the new Aaron Sorkin drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. he was great on the west wing so it should be something to look out for.

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