Qadaffi Says Football Is Slavery

What if Libya had made it to the World Cup…?

Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi blasted football as modern-day slavery and said that the millions spent on the World Cup should be spent fighting poverty in developing countries, German sports agency SID reported on Monday.

“FIFA has reactivated the slavery system and the trade in human beings from Africa to Europe and America, and from Latin America to Europe,” the dictator and avid football fan said.

“The children of poor countries have become the slaves of the rich ones.”

Football’s governing body is not doing enough to fight racism in the game, he added. [more]


  • This comes from a man who has great shares in Italian clubs, and whose son Sa3edi played for an Italina club (although he he spent all the time on nthe bench) and even tested positive for doping.

    He also paid millions of dollars to drug addicts (Maradona dn Ben Johnson) to do few training sessions for the Libyan team.

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