An Angry Letter To The Muslim Brotherhood In Jordan

…and anyone else this may concern

Zarqawi was a terrorist, simple as that. I donâ??t know what else I can say. Iâ??m thinking of making diagrams and flash cards to spell it out for the people who just donâ??t get it. If you are mourning him or calling him a martyr then you have lost your mind. To put “martyr” and “Zarqawi” in the same sentence is something I find offensive as a Muslim first and a Jordanian second. It is offensive to the lives of the hundreds of people he slaughtered in cold blood, people who prayed in mosques, people who were getting treatments in hospitals, people who were celebrating weddings and people attending funerals. These were all his victims and there’s no dancing around it.

Don’t tell me “well he attacked those places because he thought Americans were there”…American troops were no where near these places. And donâ??t tell me “he was there to fight/stand up to Americans”…the overwhelming majority of those he targeted and killed were Arabs, Iraqis, Muslims who had absolutely nothing to do with the occupation. And don’t tell me “he didn’t do those things, it’s an American conspiracy”…the mofo (proudly) claimed responsibility for all those actions!

It is offensive to label him as a martyr. It is offensive to my religion and it is offensive to the families of everyone he brutally slaughtered. It is offensive to the hundreds of thousands of people who marched in the streets of Amman last November calling for his death. It is offensive. It is an insult and it is a crime and it is treasonous. And I wouldn’t mind locking up people who thought otherwise.

And I don’t care about Hamas calling him a martyr. I care when IAF deputies in Jordan go to his funeral and call him a “Mujahid”, someone fighting for the “Islamic” cause. Those deputies should be removed from their seats. I would try them for treason if I could. And what was their excuse for attending the funeral? It was a religious duty, they said. They can’t pass judgement on a fellow Muslim, they said. Screw You! When a fellow Muslim turns against the Ummah and starts killing his own people in cold blood that should be some indication that he isn’t one of us, you dumbasses! And to the IAF, if these deputies spoke out of line from the party’s position then now would be a good time to condemn them and for good measure state your position clearly to Jordanians.

Now his family, who called his death an “honour” (the same people who disavowed him 7 months ago), want him buried at home? For what?! And I tip my hat to whoever that Jordanian official was who said Jordan would not “under any circumstances” allow Zarqawi to be buried in Jordan and “stain Jordanian soil.”

That’s right. He is a stain.

I literally go out of my mind when I hear things like this. Are people nuts? Is Amman too far away? Would it have been better if he attacked targets in Zarqa maybe? Would that have hit closer to home? What are these people thinking with their signs that read “martyr”?

It is shameful and it is treasonous in my opinion to praise the death of a man like this who attacked his own country and his own people. It is a crime.

And Iâ??m sorry but if you think otherwise then screw you!

“If a mujahid dies, hundreds of others will replace him,” cried Sheikh Jarah al-Qadah an old comrade of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. “We will continue the jihad against the infidels everywhere, in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine … see my brothers our victories in Somalia now, blessed we are and blessed to give sacrifices like the life of our hero Abu Musab.”

Quote from Zarqawi’s funeral in Zarqa by a Sheik who probably never passed the 5th grade.

See I would love to point out a lot of the stupid notions presented by this “sheik”, but I’ll settle for him forgetting to include Jordan in his list of “infidels”. Now tell me this guy isn’t in a mosque somewhere in Zarqa brainwashing kids to be terrorists.

(I wanted to use a lot of profanity in this post but Iâ??m trying to keep a New Yearâ??s resolution)


  • See, I think that underneath their rhetoric, the IAF basically believes that the people slaughtered in Amman last autumn deserved it. The IAF wants these things to happen to Jordan, because they are fond of violence. They believe violence can solve problems. Why else would they continue to support honour killings? They may have distanced themselves immediately after the bombings to avoid the aftermath, but now they think that people have become complacent again. They think they can get away with approving the slaughter of innocent Jordanians – hey, as long as they throw in some ‘evil West’ rhetoric, who will notice, right? Well, I’m glad you and others have noticed, and I’m glad that Amman has not forgotten what happened. My boyfriend’s brother was caught up in the chaos when it happened, and we thought he was dead for a while. My friend’s aunt was slaughtered. A man I write for lost a friend. I’ll never forget that day.

  • All these so-called Islamic groups from Hamas to every â??brotherhoodâ? were cultivated in our societies by imperialism to fight communism. They were allowed and encouraged to operate and prosper while every other voice of reason was suppressed. AND NOW they want to act like the true opposition!! It is sad that we let them exploit our belief in god to achieve their power-hungry ill motives. They prey on simple people who believe that radical moves like this gives them legitimicy as representatives the “true opposition”. They are part of the problem not a solution, just like they always have been. They grew up in the wombs of the regimes and they do not represent us, and we are genuinely comitted Muslims.
    (similar comment posted on Firas’s i love Amman entry regarding the same issue)

  • Nice post Nas!!!

    I’ve bumped into you over at BP’s and SM’s blog…my fellow Egyptians. You are a good man and I hope that your thoughts reach the wider middle east!! Good luck and keep fighting the good fight. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you guys are the hope for a brighter middle east. Lots of difficult work lies ahead. Good luck and peace.

  • Shaden, lol I’m sure there must be another “SC” somewhere out there 😀

    Egypter, thanks a lot for the support, appreciate it 🙂

  • “Reality”, I have deleted your post because it violated my posting policy here. Calling me a kaffir is an absurd statement that only the stupidest and lowest kind of person would dare to make. Saying that America has killed more people than OBL does not make him any better. To kill one innocent soul is like killing all of humanity so says our Quran…

    but then again I doubt you’re muslim because I haven’t met any Muslim that is dumb enough to go around calling a whole people and their country as kuffar. someone who says “we” jordanians have betrayed the ummah for american kaffir money while at the same time posting from the United Kingdom is hypocritical. But if you are a Muslim who is inline with the extremist and takfiri ideology of the likes of OBL then hypocricy would be a common trait amongst your kind.

    as we say in Jordan: Allah yeshfeek! 😀

    p.s. Natalia isn’t a Muslim and insulting her is in violation of my comment policy, and my own moral policy for that matter.

  • Good read..its about time someone said something…good for you…for buddy boy Reality..get a life!! dare u call a woman a would u like it if i called ur mother or sister a whore..and who died and made u a prophet..running around callin people kaffirs…the biggest kaffirs today are muslims..yes!! you and everyone enough of blaming people and nations..blame urself for not doing anything about it..blame ursel ffor being weak..blame urself for being a kaffir…calling women names and calling muslims kaffirs…first judge urself..then worry about people all around…
    now enough of that…..i haev to hand it out to u the letter was well written..hope more letters can state the urgency of this matter..

  • Nas,
    Thank you very much for a wonderful post. Allah yehayyi aslak! I was very touched by your post and by your reponse to “reality” it shows that you are a true Jordanian! We are not a discriminating society, we love oe another for the sole fact of beloniging to our beloved Jordan and to being Arabs regardless of being Muslims or Christians.
    Keep up the good work brother.

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