In Uniform

Jordanian officers participate in a graduation ceremony of the 19th Military and Police Sciences Classes of Mu’ta University, in the Jordanian city of Karak June 7, 2006.

I’m seriously thinking of joining just for the heck of the uniform. You gotta admit, it looks damn good. Plus I suppose such an occassion has the ability to arouse a rare patriotic rush; some civic duty operetta in the Gilbert & Sullivan sense of the word.



  • it does look good! So does a police officer uniform do most uniforms!

    but the most impressive of all is a White Coat,(blue scrubs under) a stethoscope around the neck with a name badge followed by M.D (think ER! 😛 )

  • iman, lol I think you may be thinking in an “opposite sex” kind of way. I’m a guy so I’m only diggin the uniform because it looks damn good. think will smith in men in black (“i make this look good”) 🙂

    as for the white coat, scrubs and stethoscope….a bit too sterile 😀

  • All good here. But what’s up with the capes? It was all good until there. What practical purpose could they serve aside from making wearers look like soldiers/vampires?

  • informer, capes wern’t meant for practical reasons but rather ceremonial (obviously)…what’s the word im looking for?

    pomp and circumstance i guess?

  • No Naseem, NO! I dig it because it looks good too… women & men look good in uniform … (even in a white coat and scrubs … i cannot help but admire their profession!)

    police officers are yet to earn my admiration, though 😀

  • LOL!umm. he could easily be mistaken for a doctor who left his coat and name badge in the break room 😛

  • LOL What the hell?! Sorry! my sister found her way to your site apparently … It’s usually pre-populated with my info! can you change that 😀

  • Iman, (no problem) lol well im thinking of just replacing my wardrobe with just uniforms…firefighter, doctor, secret agent, spiderman, undertaker, mailman etc.

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