Hamas Supporters Attack Palestine TV

Armed supporters of the Palestinian governing party Hamas have stormed a TV office in Gaza, healing complaining of bias towards the rival Fatah party.

The gunmen fired into studio equipment and called Palestine TV staff “dirty collaborators”, prostate before ordering them off the premises. There were no reports of any injuries during the fracas in Khan Younis.

Tension is high after five people were killed in the most serious round of feuding between Hamas and Fatah. An employee said the raid happened after the gunmen attended a funeral for one of the casualties of violence on Sunday.

Hamas spokesman Sami al-Zuhri denied the militant Islamic group was involved in the attack.

Correspondents say the attack on Palestine TV was the first such armed assault on the official TV network since Hamas won the parliamentary election in January. The network is under the control of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who is also the leader of Fatah. [source]

two words: absolutely pathetic

This ongoing confrontation between Fatah and Hamas is just plain retarded. There is no other word for it.


The employees were also ordered outside the premises during the raid, which lasted several minutes. Palestine TV staff later staged a protest rally outside the main office in Gaza City, with many demonstrators wearing gags over their mouths.

The station also stopped broadcasting at 1300 GMT for 30 minutes to voice its anger over the raid. [source]


  • Now, now, lets be politically correct, they are not called retarded, they are referred to as mentally challenged, awareness impeded or stupidity enhanced.

  • i dunno…they may be supporters of HAMAS, but i dont think they form part of the HAMAS GOVERNMENT (which btw i think they deserve to be called after winning the elections – and not ‘militant islamic group’).

    I cant see HAMAS making a move like this now – not now at this critical juncture.

    But thats just my opinion.

    take care all.

  • This is not far fetched for Hamas…
    They’ve turned the Palestinian people 50 years behind, they’ve succeeded in chasing out 100’s of business investors in less than 4 months, they’ve made the relationships between Palestinians and 99% of the world go wayyyyyy wrong…good example would be Jordan….even if Jordan was lying, and more and more and more

    so I don’t know why this would be too suprising, they’re the offspring of the Islamic Brotherhood, nothing can be put beyond them

  • These days I am reading again and carefully Azar Nafisi’s, Reading Lolita in Tehran (A memoir in Books), and the more I read it, the more convinced I get that it should be taught at the University of Jordan as an obligatory subject. Instead of some useless “Communication Skills” subjects, and before it gets neutralized under the classification “2000s classics”.

  • I understand the whole ‘chasing of business’ theory but have changed my mind in recent about who’s actually at fault.

    Prof Virginia Tilly wrote a nice article on why holding back funds from Hamas is most illogical – and i think we have to start viewing this scenario from a holistic point of view.

    Oh well.

    Have a gr8 day all.


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