If I Don’t Win The Toot IPod

The following video from The Simpsons describes what I may go through if I don’t win…

(warning this post is meant to encourage people to join the campaign and vote for my blog and is not meant for people without a sense of humor)

Ok, so maybe suicide is a bit too dramatic and perhaps the diePod is not the perfect way to depart this world (this is where that sense of humor we were talking about should come into play). So go vote because there’s one week left. Also, if you do vote, follow this link. While I appreciate the Top10 votes they won’t get me an Ipod and people (I think) who are unfamiliar with the Toot site (this is great marketing btw) are confusing the Top10 with the Design Competition. Thanks!



  • What??!

    Tarawneh dude what episode is this?Season 17? I feel so left out!

    Maybe you could win the competition if you offer FREE iPods to those who vote for you :D?

    Why don’t we have such competitions on JP?
    I wanna win a SHOWTIME sub to watch the Simpsons!
    Which is perfect cause I only watch tv for 20min/day.

    Hey you should offer mansaf and Knafeh to get more votes, you know the Jordanian way 😉

  • Firas, I cant remember, I think it was this last season.

    lol at free ipods…now that wouldn’t make sense would it? I cant even afford the knafeh 😀

  • Naseem,

    You sure are a political science major! easy dude.. I promised you… I will send you an iPod… and a box of tootsie rolls as well …

  • Iman, I have to court the votes if I want to win 😀

    ba3dein I thought you were joking (and I still assume you are) 😀

  • Yeah…but is it that serious? ya3ni just because you’re demanding our votes, I am inclined to not vote for you! (there is too much clutter on the sidebar :p) (www.useit.com … the nerve of nielson to talk to us about design when his site looks like this … it should be more or dontuseit.com)

    hmmm, well I can always consider it charity – (tax deductible) …

  • Iman, I’m not demanding anyones votes, it’s a competition, I’m asking for people’s votes. Or more specifically I’m asking for those who haven’t voted or are not aware of the competition. So you’re immune. 😀

    thanks though 🙂

  • To say the truth I wanted to vote for Sha3teely since I appreciate individualism and personalization in representing a blog, but he wasnt on since he’s part of the TOOT team. So you were next on the list so yalla 3eesh you got my vote:p

    And since that is said, I really do believe that anyone on TOOT shouldnt have one of these finished templates, or if thats too much to ask for, at least elminate those from the creativity contest. I meant whats so creative in picking up a template? sounds a bit weird

    Well, good luck to all contestants, ready template ones and un-ready template ones:p

  • rampurple (and firas), the episode is number 372 from season 17 and aired April 26nd 2006. It was entitled “Million Dollar Abie”

    this last season was probably one of the better ones to come out in recent years.

    ohoud, thanks a bunch. But you know, I think almost everyone has a ready template so I figure the competition is more about what you do with that template to make it “yours”. but thats just my opinion 😀

  • Nas: ballah jad?:p

    Thats what I meant kaman. I dont think anyone would go into a c++ course just to be able to design their site:p

  • No it does make total sense, it’s just like when you a hire a private detective for $100/hour to figure out who stole those 30 gersh of yours…

    17 season eh? I better start harassing my internet connection.

    They’ll be back. They’ll miss American TV – The one where Homer goes to Cuba with Mr.Burns and Smithers


  • ohoud, i dont think so either…we just wanna blog 😀

    Firas, good hunting man 🙂

    PALFORCE, you rock man, thanks!

  • Naseem… 😛 I haven’t voted yet! but … allright allright, allright…now I feel bad! i’ll vote for you! … maybe!

    The donation offer is still on though! 😀

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA! My God, “diePOD”, “Megadeath”, “cops beating up hippies”! ROTFLOLOLOL!

    The Simpsons is major man, MAJOR! Firas, you’d BETTER “harrass” your connection, what are you waiting for? 😐

    And what the hell do you want the 1GB (I didn’t even know they’re making 1GB ones now) Nano for? Anyways, iPods SUCK! I’d rather use my grandmother’s (R.I.P.) 40-year-old Radio (I HATE the Radio)!

    IF I decide to vote (I really shouldn’t, ’cause what do I know about design? :|), I think your blog deserves one, eats up my page file though! 😛

  • Killer Bee Bop, that’s alright bro, I appreciate your honesty and I was just kidding. like i said originally, i’m not asking to win based on my belief that i have the design, but rather because i want an ipod 😀

    (ya3ni…in the interest of being honest) 😉

  • LOOL Nasnas I love your way of putting things together. I hope that you do win it, I really do, but just in case, I’ll start a collection for you and will campaign for the collection. How much is it anyway? I can pitch in a $100 to start the drive. LOOL

  • killer bee bop, okthen…good luck with that

    bo3bo3, lol thanks man, lemme see if i can win this thing first 😀

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