Jordan Times Frustrations

Almost six months ago I wrote a post here entitled “Mending Jordanian Newspaper Websites”, where I sent an email to the Jordan Times pointing out the need for a badly needed upgrade of the website. A commenter by the name of Omar Soubhieh claimed he worked for Batelco Jordan and would be developing the Jordan Times site, but also said he couldn’t offer us a demo. He also asked for our patience. Now I’m not going to take out my frustrations on one person because I don’t even know if he, or Batelco Jordan, is indeed responsible for revamping the Jordan Times.

However I feel my frustrations building everyday. At this point I could care less about the design
or the features or even how limited the number of articles available are.

At this point if they could simply fix the archiving problem so that when I link an article on my blog people can actually click it without discovering it’s a whole other article because the archives only last for one week.

Is that too much to ask? Is that such a technical impossibility that it can’t be repaired while a new site is supposedly being worked on? A simple archiving system.


  • Oh wow!
    ONE WEEK?! that’s terrible!

    I think it’s important to keep archiving,
    I mean for God’s sake personal blogs get

    I think they do have an archive, but they just don’t share it online.
    So this is what needs to be worked on.

    I loved your neat blog…
    makes me jealous! 😀

    I have this baseless PNG Dichrome of an Iris,
    it’s originally white but still looks good inverted
    if you’re interested by any means:

  • I too have sent a letter to them…but mine was several years ago. They gave me the 6 month this as well. If an article interests me, I just now print it or .pdf it. I got sick and tired of waiting. And the number of articles….I think I will remain silent there 😉

  • I’ve been searching for my name in Google when I noticed my name in this blog, and when I entered I remembered that I boasted to this blog months ago, anyway I left Batelco like 3 months from now and the site should have been up and running after that in a period of days but it didn’t and I donâ??t know why, To have a look at the new Jordan Times website go to and call Jordan times and ask them why isn’t the site running till now but keep me out of the phone call ï?.

    Elmo Loves to Share and Omar loves Elmo, that’s if Elmo is a girl!?!?!

  • Omar, lol thanks for dropping me another comment. I will send them an email; wont mention you. but the new one doesn’t look that great man. I dont know if you were the one working on it, but it’s not a big improvement to tell you the truth. Anyways thanks for your time

    (elmo is a muppet dude)

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