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35 thoughts on “Toot’s Design Competition & Me

  1. That was such a well written post that am gonna vote for you regardless. The problem, now, is that you might get so many votes, you’ll win first place and get the cam, and lose out on the iPod. Which, I bet, will suck. However, take it from someone with a 30GB photo iPod – THE DAMN THING DOESNT WORK. I CANT FRIGGIN FIGURE IT OUT. EFT.

    However, I am so moved by your pleas, that I have decided, IF you don’t win that iPod you crave, will get you iPod as a gift when you graduate and make it back to Jordan, how’s that? We’ll start a Jordan Planet graduation fund for you. Hehehe, am so gonna get kicked out of there!

  2. looooooooooll … man you cracked me up with this post 😀

    i need this ipod too but the problem is i’m not on toot 🙁 …
    but if i was on toot and i’m sure i will take this ipod if i was there 😛 i will give it to you, coz i’m really sad for you …

    lol 😀

    you know what i voted before i see your post and i didnt vote for you, but now i will go back and vote for you … 😀

  3. LoL 😀 that was so well-said, and you know what, even if you didn’t say that, I would’ve voted for you because I really admire the effort you put in your blog design, unlike yours truly, whose to-do list has included re-designing the blog since last August!!!

    I already voted for you 😉 bs if you get the camera by accident, would you give it as a present to your loyal reader whose camera broke down a week ago and who’s feeling crippled and heart-broken without it?

  4. (note to future-politician-self: begging really really works) 😀

    Dave: grovelling rules! thanks man!

    Shaden: Yay!

    Iman, stop yanking my chain and just vote for me 😀

    Hal, thats very nice of you…and yup…you’re on your way to getting kicked out (good thing you’re not the JP treasurer) and if I win the camera I’ll strike a deal with whoever came in second, or if it’s worth a lot of money Ill sell it on ebay and buy a 2gb ipod always thinking.

    Ibrahim, bro I am glad you’re not on toot…the competition is bad enough for me as it is without your design! thanks for the vote man!

    Lina, lool really, thanks for the vote. and if i do get the camera by accident..well..i’ll think of something (i have to campaign in poetry and govern in prose)

    Saaleha…wow…south africa…that just blew my mind. thanks!

    Seriously, thanks to all you guys who’ve found it in your hearts to pity me and vote for my little ol’blog. When I rule over this world one day you will all be in my good graces

  5. Iman, stop yanking my chain and just vote for me

    did I mention that your campaign takes me back to the time I classified you as the starving artist type! I don’t think you agreed at the time … lol … or did you?! … anywho

    I am very sorry, but my one vote is too precious and must be wisely use. You did a very good job ‘campaigning’ but I am not fully convinced yet! I mean when I vote, I do so because I am fully convinced that he, she or this and that is entirely deserving of my valuable vote …beggining doesn’t qualify, even if mastered 😛

    (p.s. Despite my unique nature to piss people off, this is not – in any way – a deliberate attempt to piss you off… :P)

  6. this is a good blog but honestly it should be out of competition because from my point of view as a designer it has no sense of design whatsoever, and this ” jordan first” thing is so over used and boring now, with all my respect for the posts 🙂

  7. Let’s make a deal, I’ll get you an iPod if you get all of these toot people to vote for me, what do you think? I seriously need a publicist.

    **I’ll give you the earphones and charger (depending whether I’ll give a Video iPod, or a Photo one) before the announcement of winners, and if I win, you’ll get the rest of the iPod.

    ***You can always buy an iPod, I sell for cheaper than the market, JD300++ a piece for the Video iPod. 😉

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