Making Room For Israel’s Wall

Occupation bulldozers and jeeps attacked the village of Funduq on Wednesday 24th of May destroying several properties. The demolitions are preparation for construction of the Apartheid Wall which will cut into the western part of the village. Other houses in the area were left under threat of imminent destruction as the Wall project is finalized in the districts of Salfit and Qalqiliya

The house demolitions took place in the west of the village beginning at 8 am. A building belonging to Saleim Abdallah Abbas â?? where construction work was still ongoing â?? was razed to the ground. The property was to be a home of 150 square meters for family members. Moreover, the infrastructure for a quarry in the village was destroyed together with two sheds.

Demolitions in this area have been ongoing since April 2005 when the Occupation announced the demolition of 30 houses in Funduq, Hajja and Jinsafut. Seven of these properties have been destroyed, with the rest under threat of imminent demolition. The attacks come as the Occupation finalizes the route of the Apartheid Wall around the â??Qedumim and Ariel fingerâ? enabling annexation of Palestinian lands. Salfit and Qalqiliya districts will be left dissected and fragmented as a result. [source]

Meanwhile Olmert is advocating “peace” and “negotiations” with the Palestinians over Israel’s historic rights to their lands (as pictured below).

Olmertâ??s â??convergence planâ? (now renamed a â??realignment planâ? because it sounds better in [Newspeak] English), based on the massive â??facts on the groundâ? Israel continues to impose unilaterally with overt American support, cannot possibly give rise to a viable Palestinian state. The â??Separation Barrier,â? which will be declared Israelâ??s permanent â??demographic border,â? takes 10% of the West Bank. That may not sound like much, but consider this: It incorporates into Israel the major settlement blocs (plus a half-million Israeli settlers) while carving the West Bank into a number of small, disconnected, impoverished â??cantonsâ? â?? hardly the basis for a viable state. It removes from the Palestinians their richest agricultural land and all the water. [source]


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