What A Tragedy To Wake Up To

My God. What a tragedy to wake up to. I started the day praying qanut and offering dua’a for all these people that died. Part of me wishes I could put all my obligations aside for a whole year and just join an organization that helps out these people, especially this past year. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to know about things like this because they make my miserable complaints about life seem stupid (which they are) and I’ll spend the next few days feeling like an arse while the death toll rises.

Anyways, to the readers of this blog please take some time to donate a little something to one of these organizations just to help out. And if you’re a practicing Muslim, take some time during one of the prayers to offer you’re own qanut or dua’a for all those that died and all those left to bear the burden of such a nightmare.

What a tragedy to wake up to.


  • Nas, God seems to have blessed you with a heart for the suffering. I’d recommend trying to be a part of the answer to your own dua’a; get over there and help with your hands. It will change your life and God may use it to show you a different direction than you thought you were going.

  • kinzi, i, in all honesty, probably would follow your suggestion if it didnt mean my parent’s excommunicating me 😀

    we all have different lives to lead…i was just wishing mine was a little more flexible is all.


  • You’re one of the few people I’ve seen who have encouraged others to actually take action in helping others (i.e. via donations in this case), rather than just taking a back seat and saying “that’s terrible”-I respect you:)

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