Al-Qaeda Denies Link to Suspect in Jordan

An Al-Qaeda-linked umbrella group in Iraq denied any link to a suspect whose alleged confessions were aired on Jordanian television, in an Internet statement posted on an Islamist website.

“We don’t even know the individual shown on Jordanian television,” the Mujahedeen Consultative Council said.

The confessions of the man whom Jordanian state television presented as Ziad Khalaf al-Karbuli, an Iraqi, amounted to “a farce dreamt up by the henchmen of the Black House”, it said in reference to the White House.

“Each time the mujahedeen (Islamic fighters) step up their blows against the enemy … their setbacks turn into myths and illusions in the minds of the crusaders and their agents,” the group said.

The statement could not be independently verified. [source]

I wonder if Al-Queda’s jumping on the latest denial bandwagon to score some points with the Jordanian people and garner their support. They last time they did that the plan sort of back fired when apparently Jordanians didn’t like the idea that 60 of their citizens were murdered in cold blood. Who would’ve guessed?

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