A LOST Finale

Warning: this post contains spoilers.

So the second season of LOST came to an end tonight with half a dozen plot twists making it the great climax of the year. A lot of the mystery surrounded Desmond, a character we haven’t seen on the show since the beginning of the season. Who would’ve known that such a brief and obscure character would have such a huge impact on the plot. The mystery behind the hatch still remains, although now we know what happens when they don’t enter the numbers. I didn’t quite understand the electromagnetic explanation and I guess that remains another mystery. But at least the reason for Flight 815 crashing in the first place has been revealed.

What role Jack, Sawyer and Kate will play as hostages in “the others” camp is something to look out for next season. And will Michael and Walt get away and never return?

Other mysteries during the episode include a giant green bird and more importantly the foot of a giant statue, to which Saeed wonders out loud what is worse: that the foot is missing a body or that it has only 4 toes. What purpose it will serve next year is yet to be known. But as the LOST slogan goes “Everything Happens For a Reason”.

The episode ended in one the most interesting ways I’ve seen yet. At first I thought it was a whole other Dharma Initiative happening somewhere else in the world. But I guess it’s not. (That would’ve been a good plot idea though).

I can’t wait till next season. Just 3 and a half more months left.


  • That was really good.

    What I understood was that something happened which caused this electromagnetic phenomenon to happen and ever since they have to push the button every 108 minutes or else the electromagnetic field would get too big. However, I don’t really know what exactly the fail safe mechanism does which Desmond triggered.

    Did you recognize Calvin? He was the Marines general who was holding Saeed in Iraq during the Gulf war and who forced him to torture his friend.

  • Hamzeh, yeah what i got was that something happened and basically they enter the numbers so that every 108 minutes it decompresses and doesn’t explode. the safe mechanism I think was there to cause that explosion and shut the whole thing down but I think he thought it would be a big explosion that would destroy a lot but do less damage.

    actually i didnt recognise him! i looked it up and apparently in this episode he played “Kelvin Inman” and in the episode you’re talking about, “One of Them”, he played “Joe Inman”. things that make you go hmm.

  • Three and a half months?!?!? I don’t know if I can wait that long. It’s bad enough when they skip a week or show a rerun. Or worse, another synopsis show.

    So many more questions than answers. Are Henry and the Others really “the good guys”? (I think he said something similar to Ana Lucia before she was whacked.)

    What’s with the stupid beard? Why is it the giant foot looks like something from Lord of the Rings, but the Stonehenge looks like something in my neighbors back yard?

    Any random theories abound?

  • Todd, I don’t have any theories really but the foot really threw me off in terms of plot. It’s part of the mystical part of the island that hasn’t been emphasized enough this season…probably because they were distracting us with the plot concerning the hatch. I’m guessing next season they’ll bring both together, to sort of explain each other.

  • I don’t get the foot, but my working theory is that the island was created as a trap for Desmond by his girlfriend’s father. He figured Desmond was too big a coward to ever put the key in or stop inputting the numbers. He would be trapped by his cowardice and would disappear forever. The Others were working for the father and were trapped when Desmond stopped inputting the numbers on time.

    Okay. That doesn’t answer everything. The were people trapped on the island for decades, so maybe the father didn’t CREATE the island just to trap Desmond. He only *used* it.

    That solution seems to resolve more lose ends than any others I can think of. It also explains why Desmond’s girlfriend knew how to look for him. But we shall see.

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