Smoking For Enlightenment

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the stuff and I’ve always been anti-smoking. But lately I’m looking around me and everyone is smoking outside the doors to buildings. In Amman, once you step off the plane you can smell the smoke, it’s like a heavy smoker sitting next to you and you can smell his drenched shirt. But in Toronto smoking is banned pretty much everywhere so this is what people do, they stand outside doors and lean against walls just smoking. Most are too old and that coolness look they took on during their teenage years is replaced with a jaded expression. And I have to admit in the chaos of my life right now I find this highly appealing.

The thought of just standing there, doing nothing, that blank expression on one’s face of being completely and utterly idle; it’s very attractive. It’s literally life being put on pause for only a moment; just holding this little white cigarette with the ashes building up on the end ready to inevitably topple to the pavement from the weight of all that greyness. And that blank look. That nicotine induced tantric visual; a mellow search for automatic enlightenment. I can’t get past that look. It’s very Zen. And I want to be Zen.

I’m considering using lollypops instead. But I wonâ??t inhale.

It’s just an observation.


  • I consider that a retreat! each puff sets off a deep thought 😛

    Iâ??m considering using lollypops instead. But I wonâ??t inhale.

    Ooo K 😀

  • Thanks for the laugh. Hooray for lollypops! Frankly, somedays I wish my engineers had a little more “sugar high” and a little less “Zen”!

  • dude! The other day,,,, it happened that Abu 7amarneh the smoker went to the Jordanian consulate in Dubai to find out the it the only place in town where smoking allowed in offices,, can u imagine? I saw it my self but still cant believe,,

    It might be out of topic ,, but

  • Must….fight….urgre…! (Do it Homer’s style)

    Lol! If you are after sitting for hours doing nothing at all! And I mean nothing, then you should come to JOrdan!
    People here sit in front of a shop, in UNI for 3 hours without doing anything!
    Maybe they are meditating or something?

    Don’t try smoking! I think my kids will be proud that their daddy haven’t tried a single cigarette in his whole life, no argeeleh, no pipes, only cigars (damn you Chris,Rick,Mike and Pablo!)

  • Rebecca, lol I think I know what you’re talking about 😀

    Abu 7amarneh, the Canadian embassy in Canada has its smoke detectors disconnected just for this reason! 😀

    Firas, lol yeah they sit and do nothing but they dont have that expression on their faces that shows that nothingness. And no I wont ever try it. I have a clean personal record I’m trying to keep and smoking would only bruise my ego. We’re the same except for the cigars, which is funny because in Jordan even non-smokers have smoked either argeelah or cigars. The latter is to show that they’re grown up.

  • I do that, except its indoors, I’m sitting and not standing and it’s not a cigarette it’s a cup of minted hot water.

    That’s zen.

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