Breaking News! Haifa and Alissa Dress Alike!

The world is falling apart at the seams! At the seams I say! (also I’ve run out of puns)

Recently, Alissa attended an event in Egypt for the cellular phone company Voda Phone in which she wear a special red dress the exact same one that Haifa wore in her music video “Boos El Wawa”, which will be released in the very near future.

According to the London based Elaph, this is not the first instance in which the two singers wear the same outfit, showing that their taste in clothing is very close to one another. [source]

I’m so out of touch with Arabic music, in fact I swore I would never listen to it back in 1995, except for the selective few oldies. Which is why I fell to the floor laughing when I read the song name “Boos El Wawa”. But here’s some more interesting news on Haifa…

In a usual press release, Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi revealed that it will not be out of the ordinary for her to suddenly wear the Islamic headdress Hijab. The singer stressed that she may be inspired to do so at any time, and the matter is all in God’s hands.

According to the London based daily, Al Quds Al Arabi, Haifa stated that she does not understand the big fuss about her making such a step, simply because she presents songs and music videos that have some form of seduction in them. [source]

LOL. Am I the only one who sees the contradiction in that sentence? I mean I don’t care if she does turn all religious but I suddenly got the image of Madonna becoming a nun and making bad music videos on the weekend. It’ll be “Like a Prayer” all over again, and Arabic music will have reached a critical turning point in its timeline: also known as 1989.

Anywho, I just thought it was funny.

More on Haifa’s ‘Wawa’


  • Where have you been living? shame on you for not knowing “boos el wawa”? this is a breakthrough in Arabic Music … LOL

    It is really funny and sad at the same time that she is becoming a role model and an admired figure in the Arab world .. they say that whatever does not go normally .. goes with haifa as if anything she does is quite acceptable .. el ma2sofeh byelba2la

    I refer you to:

  • hey I wanted to blog about that..what really bothers me is that the dress is hideous,and they had to wear it ,both of them?or maybe I’m the one with a bad sense of fashion.

  • I totally agree with Salam; that dress is really hideous! It looks like lingerie with a picnic table cloth wrapped around it and an ugly red bow glued on in the middle like a gift box. Yuck!
    I’ve seen American magazines that show Elissa wearing the same dress as J Lo and others. I think she’s trying to say ‘I look better in it’…if only she knew.

  • LOL, I see Elissa as an artist, where Haifa is a stripper… so I’ll stand with my beloved Elissa and say: “Haifa wore the dress after Elissa, because she’s jealous of her..:p”

    to salam and moi: if Elissa sees that the dress is beautiful enough to wear, then it’s beautiful..:) LOL (kiddin, it’s really hideous)

  • lol look at the picture. who else thinks the two belong on Hee Haw! (it was a T.V show about hillbillies in the 70’s) anybody? anybody?

    ok forget Hee Haw. how about a really bad Gery Springer show about multiple personalities? anybody?

  • lol end of the world!!

    You reminded me of that piece of news I heard on Rotana channel the other day:

    “Actress D.B changed her hair color for the new movie/series/something she’s preparing for…” Bas! That was the piece of news! worth mentioning

  • All I can say is that Haifa and Eliss both have bad taste.
    Inshalla they will be inspired and stop wearing this under-wear like dresses in their songs.

  • The strange thing in our strange part of the world is that everyone is so extremely observant when it comes to the dresses of these paper idols, noticing all details. At the same time, nobody is willing to devote the same amount of effort when it comes to the daily underminers of the quality of our days. People see, pretend not to see, rush to forget. But not the Cinderella dress issue. I like your blog, coz you pay attention to the meaningful details.

  • salaamun alaikum,
    my dinosaur computer won’t download fast enough. why is haifa one minute acting like she may wear hijab? i hope that all men and women show enough modesty to use hijab. then maybe there won’t be such oppression from the corporate/industrial complex to tell us how we have to look/ and look at eachother. we can remember important things and not need their silly products that don’t help anyone but their stock holders. ( a little serious, i know. just got fed up in the news articles today. thanks for letting me vent. : ) )

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