Rumors Of Spring: A Poem

i walk through parks at night
my ragged sneakers scrape the surface
of invisible asphalt in the darkness
friction and gravity conspire
to give my footprints sound
and the echoes float around
through the branches of Magnolia trees
that populate these grounds

i walk through parks at night
to taste the morning dew
try to synchronise my pulse
to be on time with You
to sway with the rhythm of the dandelions
to clear the clutter from the gutters
in the corners of my mind

i walk through parks at night
to hear songs about rain
and ghosts in the wind
the weight of water
the flashes of crimson
the rumours of spring
the bumblebee’s sting
feverish with desire
delusions of grandeur
i walk through parks
for the sidewalks
are spiritless and linear;
uncurled like these circular paths

i walk through parks at night
through the canals of my aspirations
the splashes of saffron
and morning manifestations
this ceremony of truth
amidst the fading constellations
i am breaking the walls of writer’s block
brick by brick by brick

I search for the anthology of words
that were pieces to poems I left behind
it’s 4 am and Iâ??m writing the verse
that will change the world
in my mind
i sit on wooden benches
to night dream
to smell the fragrance of home
to hear the rumors of spring
the beating heart of that city
especially after midnight
when it’s quiet

i walk through parks
back home

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