Donald Rumsfeld Vs. Ray McGovern

Rumsfeld suffers from temporary amnesia? In case you didn’t hear about this “incident” that happened recently, don’t worry. It didn’t get that much media attention anyway. I wonder why. Jon Stewart explains.


  • The media is aghast when they learn a large proportion of younger people say they get their news from the “fake news” Daily Show. That bit illustrates perfectly why: TDS tells the story and points out things the mainstream media doesn’t. Instead of doing just a little digging and pointing out that the CIA analyst was right, they attack him and his character.

    God, I hope the other analysts are right and the Republicans are in for a blood bath this November. Then maybe the media (except for Fox, of course) can start doing their jobs again.

  • When Rumsfeld said in 2003 he knew there were WMD and where they were he was going on what Ahmed Chelebi and othe Iraqi dissidents were telling him. Perhaps these guys were wanting the U.S. to do what they could not – i.e. overthrow Saddam. And perhaps Rummy and others suspected they were being fed B.S.

    However, please remember that Saddam was being cagey about the whether he did or did not have WMD. Why ? Because he wanted the Iranians to THINK he had WMD. Deterrence is not about what you have but what you make the other think you have.

    Now, in 2006, we know the truth and Rummy is admitting it. We should praise and not knock him for that. Any other country, would have planted WMD just to save face.

  • Cecil, those are some interesting comments. So are we assume that the entire Bush administration of the world’s only superpower based their entire pre-war intelligence on what a handful of Iraqi dissidents were telling them? Correct me if I’m wrong, but does Chelabi own the spy satellites that took the pictures which Colin Powell produced at the UN as “evidence” of Iraqis moving WMDs?

    The entire administration is only now starting to admit it, after their election has been won and 3 years have past with no WMDs in sight, which means they have no other choice but to face the music. You really don’t get points for that.

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