Building Palestine’s Final Borders

Israeli cranes building the apartheid wall that spell the words: “The Final Solution”, while the Palestinian leadership is playing cards.

It’s a rather simplistic caricature from Emad Hajjaj on what is happening today but it did remind me of what HM King Abdullah II said this last Sunday:

“Everyone has to remember that the time available to us for a peaceful settlement is around two years, and I fear if this short time is over and we don’t reach a settlement that there will nothing left for the Palestinians to negotiate over,” he said in a transcript of the interview released to Reuters.

New Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said he plans to impose final borders for Israel by 2010. In the absence of peace talks with the Palestinians, his plan calls for isolated Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank to be evacuated, but major ones to be retained and expanded behind a fortified border.

“Frankly we are concerned about what is happening either as regards Jerusalem or settlements and so the creation of a viable Palestinian state is a main objective for us and a legitimate right for Palestinians,” the king said. [source]

Yet nothing is being done about it. Israel continues to build the wall, setting its own borders, taking whatever territory it wants while Palestinians are still struggling with leadership. The fact that major political and economic players of the world have shut them out hasn’t helped either.

Jordanian blogger Wael Attili has another interesting cartoon which describes his own take on construction in the Arab world with relations to Palestine; entitled “Construction Race”.

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