Freeing Alaa

I’m not going to go into any lengthy analysis on the recent jailing of Egyptian blogger Alaa. I promise not to rant on freedom of speech in the Arab world (or lack there of), or on politics, or on Arab governments, or the fact that it’s 2006 and people still get jailed for opening their mouths. I’m just going to climb aboard the digital activism train ‘silently’, take my seat and do my miniscule part of spreading the word.

You can read up on what’s going on from more proficient members of the Arab blogosphere. I guess if there can’t be Arab unity in reality at least we can have some of it on the blogosphere.

If you have a blog of your own then try ‘walking like an egyptian’ or a little Google bombing or whatever you have to do to help spread the word. You can get a button here.

[I admit the ‘Google-Bomb’ is an ok idea considering, but I have my reservation of using the word ‘bomb’ and ‘google’ (and ‘Egypt‘) all in the same sentence]

ok…back to my seat.

4 thoughts on “Freeing Alaa

  1. Well, the fact that ‘google-bomb’ is not something we selected to name the campaign when we started it. It’s already a known trick, you can read more about it on wiki:

    Having said that, yes, I agree that it is unfortunate coincidence to use the term ‘bomb’ and ‘egypt’ to call for freedom!!

  2. Haitham, yeah I’ve heard of it before I was just refering to it’s use with the word “Egypt”. “Unfortunate” is the word I was looking for.

    Hal, cheers!

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