405 Palestinian Students in Israeli Jails

Article of Interest: More than 4000 Palestinian children have been arrested since the start of the current Intifada on 28 September 2000. Today, there are 405 students still in detention camps and have been suffering all kinds of torture, bad treatments and living under difficult medical and psychological circumstances by Israeli army and intelligence. [here’s another article of interest]


  • It’s quite sad … seriously.

    But… if anything, and speaking from experience (I have over 3 cousins and a number of relatives in israeli jails), these students need to give their full undivided attention to their school work (closure enforced by israel doesn’t apply) …they need to focus on their education for it’s the a life time investment for a brighter future …israel will jump at the first opportunity to take in these school/college kids and prevent them from finishing their education!

    (p.s. i just notices the little option below..really thanks, but I don’t want to magically be notified 😛 i’ll check at my own leisure)

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