An Embarrassing Moment for Zarqawi

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is shown wearing American tennis shoes and unable to operate his automatic rifle in a video released Thursday by the U.S. military as part of a propaganda war aimed at undercutting the image of the terror leader.

The clips were part of a longer video that U.S. troops seized in a raid last month. Al-Qaida in Iraq militants posted an edited version of the same video on the Internet April 25 but without the embarrassing segments. [source]

All things aside for a moment, I’m still wondering how they knew they were American tennis shoes!


  • I saw that on TV today. You know it’s really sad that they are having to do this, that a lot of Arabs and Muslims don’t already know how incompetent most militants are. I mean this is not the first video where you could see how bad they are. How many times have you seen videos of Iraqi fighters sitting right in the middle of the street with their AK’s and RPG’s firing supposedly at American soldiers? With absolutely no cover at all!! Or how many times did you see that famous clip from some Al Qaeda training video where a couple of guys kick a door and dash into the room as if they already know no one is gonna be waiting for them there to blast their heads off as soon as they walk right through the door like that without sweeping the room corner to corner from the outside first?

  • Actually when I first saw the video aired on Al-Jazeera. I laughed seeing him holding this rifle.

    What he’s holding looks like “The M249 SAW”, this weapon is used for support during a battle. It’s designed to be operated in the prone position with the bipod ( which you could see wiggling in the video) being deployed to give the user stability. It’s inaccurate, and its role is to spam the opponent forces with heavy fire to keep them away from an area. Since for sure the user will be shooting while running or standing, a squad leader usually gives the rifle to his most well built dude in the unit.
    The first thing I’ve noticed watching the video was his face expressions! Lol, little did he know that this weapon can’t be operated while you are standing, unless you are really well built and got some brains.

    Yeah one last thing : The rifle is American

    Anyways, didn’t Al-Zarqawi and his gang use American money at some point for their cause? (Destroying the USSR?)

    And lol at your last remark! Yeah maybe the tennis shoes is made in China!

    Actually what’s up with Al-Qaeda releasing videos these days every 12 hours or so? The guys got news cams and happy playing with them?

  • Can’t see it in this video –but isn’t there a logo on the side … ?

    And, heh! Yahhh,probably “American” gym shoes, made in China.

  • The article I read this morning mentioned that they were “American New Balance shoes”, but as Caren mentions, probably made in China.

    As to how they knew the shoes were New Balance, well, that’s what we have the CIA for, shoddy intelligence, and finding out what brand of shoes militant’s are wearing.

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