Is The Pen Mightier Than The Sword?

This is actually a real product…

The Infidel’s Revenge! is a powerful psychological deterrent to terror. When you carry and use your Infidel’s Revenge Ball Point Pen, you are joining an elite group of citizens committed to ending global terror. Imagine the impact on the worldwide “terror movement” knowing that the possibility of eternal damnation is resident in every drawer, every purse, every pocket everywhere. This simple solution holds the promise of dramatically reducing, and even ending, suicide bombings.

Anatomy of a terror prevention pen. Our patent pending terror prevention pen cartridge is encased in a double layered, plastic cylinder filled with a mixture of glycerin, water and alcohol. Atop the liquid cylinder is another sealed cylinder containing patent-pending powdered pig’s blood and other ingredients that will stop would-be-terrorists in their tracks.

Doubles as a great everyday writing pen.

According the website Russians have been burying “terrorist” Chechens in pigskin and Israelis have been using bags of pig lard in buses to deter them.

Shh…the Moz-lems are coming….


  • Now’s the time to invest in Muppet stock. Something tells me there’s gonna be a lot of Ms Piggy merchandise flying off the shelves.

  • “I’ll take “The Penis Mightier”, Alex.”

    “That’s, “The Pen Is Mightier”, Mr. Connery.”

    “Suck it, Trebek. Suck it long, suck it hard.”

    /couldn’t resist

  • saaleha, you know there might be a time when paranoia will be at the max and people walking past me will randomly hold up a ms. piggy doll to ward me off like they would a cross for a vampire. i don’t know whether to call my stock broker or my lawyer. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Rocket Ray, always good to have a bit of SNL deja vu ๐Ÿ˜€

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