A Paragraph on Why Spring Sucks

Spring makes me nervous. After all it’s not a ‘real’ season. Winter is the time of year when it’s really cold; summer when it’s really hot. Autumn is that cool transition between summer and winter when days get a little bit crisp and so do the leaves on the trees. But spring; don’t get me started. I’m an autumn-person (or a winter-person in denial). I just don’t get along well with the heat. But spring. Ugh. Everything is between winter and spring and you don’t know what’s going on. Up is down and down is up. Everything that you put off all through winter because it was too cold or you were too lazy come back to haunt you in the spring. The insects start coming out, invading my apartment. Pollen, allergies et cetera. One day it’s windy, one day it’s too hot, one day it’s raining cats and dogs. Give me consistency! Is that too much to ask of a season?

Spring sucks.


  • I am a winter person … I don’t like spring because of the allergy .. I keep sneezing and my eyes tear all the time πŸ™
    I even hurt my nose the other day because of sneezing and sniffing so much

  • Spring is the transition between the cold and heat just like Fall is the transition between heat and cold … Spring is a new beginning, flowers bloom, grass is green again, trees are decorated with their leaves and blooms … Spring is when my allergies creep up on me …and despite that, it’s a beautiful season, with its own special refreshing flavor!

  • lol, loved what you wrote, and although I really love spring, there’s one thing I can never get over: the insects, lol!
    You know those little black ones that stick on your white clothes! and many other different kinds of insects πŸ˜›

  • I love spring! It’s my favourite season… not too hot, not too cold! And thank God I don’t have any allergies! But I have to agree with Eman on the insects thingie πŸ˜€ Save for butterflies…

  • It is summer-y over here but I feel you; I’m a winter person and anything beyond autumn makes me feel kind of out of place.

    Anyway, it will pass.

  • ohoud, not necessarily routine…just tired of having to decide what to wear after 10 minutes of analyzing weather reports for the day! πŸ˜€

    Shaden, I’m not much of a summer person either so I’ll have to wait for a long time for all these months to pass πŸ˜€

  • For me, Spring sucks because I CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHAT TO WEAR. Yes, the allergies are a killer. Yes, the sludge from a surprise rainfall really sucks after you’ve just washed your car and decided to go out in sandals. But waking up, glancing out the window, and deciding what the outfit will be, only to go out and have the weather change on you and either turn too hot or too cold is just DAMN STRESSFUL.

    I’m done with this, I also want consistency. Bring on the PREDICTABLE.

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