Safe Happens

There are these two really cool commercials running on TV over here in North America that blew my mind the first time I saw them. The purpose is to market the safety of the Jetta VW. They play out real life conversations and crashes that could happen to anyone, which sure beats crash test dummies smashing into a wall in slow motion as a way of marketing a car’s safety. These commercials will hit home with anyone who has been in such a crash. The commercials are also real, they used stunt drivers for a one-take shoot.

Today I read an article which mentioned that these risky commercials are actually paying off in terms of seeing increased consumer interest. Somewhere a marketer is getting a promotion.

Here’s one of those commercials…

Here’s the other one.


  • I haven’t been watching much TV lately, but I did notice these commercials because the crash scene really made my heart skip a few beats! I felt proud of my 2004 Jetta (I’m hoping its just as safe) 🙂

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