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15 thoughts on “The Forgotten Voices of Darfur

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  2. I think the problem is that we forget about these issues.. we get angry in the beginning, feel sorry for these ppl, but then after a while we just begin to forget and even better yet, ignore. I dont have much hope in our Arab “leaders” as I have yet to see any serious organized action to end this genocide, but I expect more from the Muslim world. WE need to organize and mobilize ourselves and hold protests, collect donations, rally our “leaders” and push them to do something, and do all that is in our power to bring this to an end. We can start by a simple task called prayer.. praying for these people and asking God to end this genocide. Hopefully, the Arab and Muslim world will wake up, turn off their television sets that are tuned to Haifa Wehby and Nancy Ajram, get up, and work for this cause before its too late.

  3. Good post. I was planning myself to blog about this issue. The main thing that bloggers (or any non-politician) can do is to make people aware of the situation. Hopefully sooner than later, people will demand that our governments intervene in this horrible situation. In any case, your writing is a good step forward.

  4. I wish I can learn more about this prolem from an objective 3rd party source.

    If the problem is as simple as you describe here, why the Suadense government is letting it happen? why is this problem becoming US vs Sudan than anything else?

    I wish the ADC spend their time on arab-wide issues instead of doing only palestine!

  5. Gulf countries and their charities are not publicised enough. The Gulf region was among the most generous in the world. They are excellent at providing water and sanitation, very effective and quick.
    Generic Levitra Canada Pharmacy

    UN and Saudis may do more together in Darfur and Sudan
    Voltaren Buy Nz

    Arab women can power peace, progress. Peaceful ways and means can be the weapons to end wars. Educated mothers can do that. Instead of having men negotiate settlements, why not allow those who suffer the most to resolve these conflicts?
    Is Prevacid Prescription Only

  6. Sudan Watch, you have a very nice blog. I think the problem I’m pointing out it is (a) lack of publicised campaigns and as for what money Gulf countries do give, I’m inclined to believe it goes through the Sudanese government and more importantly (b) lack of political pressure from Arab countries which have a stake in this tragedy.

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