Fighting Insurgents With Prepositions

It’s no secret that the war on Iraq is not going so well and it has become even more apparent that there was never an exit strategy (perhaps they didn’t think they’d need one). But now with a growing insurgency the U.S. army needs help in devising a plan to counter it….

Fighting Insurgents, One Essay at a Time

Psst. Wanna save the world? The latest front in the Pentagon’s struggle against terrorism is…a writing competition. “The Army absolutely needs to understand more about counterinsurgency,” began the published request for submissions to the “Countering Insurgency” contest. “Nothing less than the future of the civilized world might depend on it.” Col. Bill Darley, editor in chief of Military Review-which will publish the winning submissions-says that entries for the contest have been “fresh and innovative.” The first-place winner gets $1,000. Sorry, entries were due by April 1. [U.S. News]

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