Blasts Rock Egyptian Resort Town

At least 22 people have been killed and scores more injured in three explosions in the Egyptian resort town of Dahab, reports say.

The blasts occurred in quick succession in an area frequented by tourists at about 1915 local (1715 GMT). One resident told Reuters news agency that there were “body parts and debris in the street”.

Police said more than 20 ambulances and police cars rushed to the el-Masbat area of the Red Sea resort. An interior ministry spokesman confirmed the blasts. “There were explosions, but the picture is still not clear,” he told Reuters news agency. [BBC]

If I had to guess, like most people, I’d start pointing my finger at AlQueda

(guess which finger)


  • sameer, wow man, i’m so wide awake now…i can see the future…

    sarcasm aside…when did i say they were martyrs when im so obviously anti-alqueda?

  • Sameer, at a time like this and with so much bloodshed in a place where people go to VACATION, you’re not really helping.

    In the past 18 months, this is the third attack of this sort in the Red Sea and Sinai area of Egypt – the main tourism artery of a country very dependant on the tourism industry. Every single person who has died in these attacks is innocent and none of this is fair, nor makes sense, nor is accepted by any person with half a brain and a pinch of humanity.

    Besides, in this attack specifically, the main death toll is amongst the young Egptians vacationing during their main spring break. 18 out of the supposed 21 deaths (the death toll is higher than that now, I believe) are Egyptians. The people of the country itself are being hurt, not foreigners or Israelis or whomever the ‘terrorists’ are supposedly targetting.

    Don’t get me wrong please, I would be just as furious regardless of who had died – NO ONE should be a victim of such a senseless terrorist attack, and THIS is exactly what the definition of a terrorist attack should be. I am just pointing out what a pointless world we are living in nowadays, and if Al-Qaeda really ARE behind this horror, I hope it is extremely highlighted in the media that the biggest death toll is that of innocent locals. Just so it is apparent that none of this makes sense.

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