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This is probably one of my favorite batch of songs. Usually during finals the likes of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart make an appearance as appropriate background music for studying. But an actual song will find its way into the stereo. Mostly mellow stuff, so if you’re not digging mellow stop reading right about now.

I’m not a fan of Modest Mouse. I don’t know what the appeal is but Mark Kozelek, the front man for Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon has (by way of the latter band) created a beautiful acoustic album of Modest Mouse covers. A strange combination you’d think but he does it right; to the point that if you’ve heard the original songs you will not be able to identify some of them until the chorus. Mark takes some of the strangest lyrics and makes the songs his own. The album is called “Tiny Cities” and I recommend it; named after the song on this week’s playlist “Tiny City Made of Ashes”. It’s actually the best cover song I’ve heard since Johnny Cash did Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt”. Check out also “Ocean Breathes Salty”.

Although I am really into Snow Patrol these last few weeks (on and off) I think one of their more mellow songs is a great track: “Chocolate”.

Even slower alternative rock tunes: Mae has two great songs definitely worth a listen. “Giving it Away” has a really cool piano riff while the lyrics of “The Sun & The Moon” are brilliant. Lastly a song I heard on the OC (in between channel surfing) is Chris Holmes’ “China”. It actually took me awhile to find out who sang it.

Check them all out on the Black Iris Radio.

“Does anybody know a way that a body could get away?
Does anybody know a way?”

Tiny City Made of Ashes – Sun Kil Moon


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