Cultural Project Thus Far

I spent the last hour or so adding links to a growing list of culturally related posts from around the Jordanian blogosphere for my little “Cultural Project” . I want to thank all the bloggers who have pitched in to help and/or with promises to help.

I have to say when I first thought of it I was sure there were a lot of posts but you really never know until you see over 130 of them on one page (in one week!). I spent a great deal of time looking through them. 90% of them were nostalgic pieces for me as I’ve read them before but they certainly merit a second read. The other 10% were ones I must’ve missed here and there.

Surprisingly enough they only confirmed what I already knew; Jordanian bloggers are a very culturally aware group of people. As we’ve talked about several times in the past, as bloggers we do not represent the entire society rather only a part of it. HOWEVER many of us make a great attempt at trying to capture the entire society.

Whether it is done in the form of a commentary or rant about something we love or hate about places and things. Or whether it’s done in the form a picture. There are people, places, and events from all over Jordan represented in these posts and it made me feel rather patriotic to read through them. I also discovered that although as Jordanian bloggers, social status is the main wedge between us and the rest of Jordanian society, I’ve learned the gap is rather small once you read some of these posts and see how entwined the culture is.

So awareness, representation and, uh, entwined-idness?

Basically I just wanted to thank everyone who writes about these topics and say: good job.

Anywho, back to the project.

It seems that most of the ideas so far center around a website. Someone also suggested this be done in association with Jordan Planet.

I still want the list to continue to grow as I believe there are more posts out there.

In the meantime…please keep brainstorming people and post your ideas!

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