The King Hussein Ben Talal Mosque

The four-minaret mosque, built in the Islamic architectural style prevalent in Bilad Sham, has a primary praying area characterised by vaulted ceilings and Umayyad-style ornamentation carved in Jordanian stone.

Engineering Adviser at the Royal Hashemite Court Ammar Malhas, whose department supervised the construction of the landmark monument, said Khalid Azzam, the Egyptian architect who designed the facility, toured Jordan to study the dominating Islamic architectural style in the country. He came to the conclusion that arches, an integral part of the country’s architectural identity, were inevitable in the design.

The Palace official said a local contractor implemented the project, while a team from Balqa Applied University’s Islamic Arts Faculty created the mihrab, the focal point in a mosque that directs worshippers towards Mecca.

The façade of the mihrab is made of rare kinds of wood, which were used for the first time in 300 years in the Islamic world, according to Malhas.

Meanwhile, a covered 2,000sq.m outdoor praying area with a similar 10-metre-high vaulted ceiling can accommodate 2,500 worshippers.

Directly above part of the outdoor and indoor halls is a two-wing 350sq.m area dedicated as praying hall for women, with a capacity for 350 worshippers. Offices, lecture halls, a library and other facilities are on the first floor of the mosque, which sits above King Hussein Park in the Dabouq neighbourhood.

Malhas said all the building material and furnishings are from Jordan, except for the carpets and chandeliers, which were brought from Turkey, â??for technical reasons and time constraints.â?

The mosque also hosts the Hashemite History Museum, which displays belongings related to the Prophet in the possession of Jordan such as a letter he sent Hercules, king of the Byzantines, in the early days of Islam.

I think people might get the mosque mixed up with the one downtown which is also called the King Hussein mosque but locally (and better) known as Al-Husseini Mosque. The Husseini Mosque was built by HM King Abdullah I in place of an ancient mosque originally built by Omar ibn Al-Khattab (ra). It is an architectural landmark in Jordan and considered the heart of the downtown souk. One of the reasons it’s usually used as the starting point for many protests, rallies and/or demonstrations.

This new mosque is in West Amman, where the new King Hussein public park is. A beautiful location in my opinion. Hopefully I’ll get to pray in it on my next visit God willing.

I’m both surprised at the amount of architectural significance that was employed. I’m no expert but when I saw it being built I expected it to be like any modern mosque in the west end of Amman. Almost hi-tech (as far as a place of worship goes). The idea of incorporating a museum is something I find very appealing. I personally didn’t know we even had the Prophet pbuh’s letter to Hercules. I’ve seen it only in history books.

I’ve yet to experience it but from what I last saw of it the size is pretty reasonable for Jordan.

I think everyone likes the look of it at night when the lights are on. I don’t blame them. So check out a few photos from two top-notch Jordanian bloggers Ahmad and Lina.


  • I absolutely loved it..the amount of work put in it is very impressive.The balqa university people are very professional in this sort of wood work and the results turned out looks wonderful and is a great addition to Amman’s architecture.

  • while the mosque was under construction
    I wasn’t so sure if I liked it or not,
    since the dome (koubeh) and minarats
    were much smaller in proportion to the
    base on which it stood on. But as soon
    as they planted the trees and turned on
    the lights it looked so beautiful, I just love it.

    “praying hall for women, with a capacity for 350 worshippers”

    “Offices, lecture halls, a library and other facilities are on the first floor of the mosque,”
    I totally agree, having such facilities at the mosque
    is so appealing. That’s how it was back then.

  • I always loved Amman from the bottom of my heart. I was really touched to the point I was about to cry when I have seen this new wonderful landmark which made Amman more bueatiful. I thank everyone has put his efforts in this peice of art.

  • Dear All,
    Reading along your comments, I must say that such responses make our efforts well worth it, so thank you all.
    The collective efforts of over 900 workers of all trades and professions among whom were Dr. Khalid Azzam (architect), Al Arabia (contractor), Allied Engineering and The Royal Engineering Department (management and supervision), the Islamic Arts College at Al Balqa, Stuart Gray (landscape designer)and many others, resulted in this architectural land mark.
    We are all proud of this achievement and we truly appreciate your kind words.
    Allah bless Jordan and all our friends.

  • Kingdom of Jordan what comes. To mind “great” leader Malik Hussein why. Less expense? Was it
    budget or what I am baffled. Architectural taste very blan…why not Fahtima Egyptian style or
    Tuisian. Where is the courtyard the mirets are small. Jordan needs a Jummah majid soon. Ras el Khamma adn Ajman are building in Persian style. 8 together Jummah masjid yes capacity of 120,000.
    We praise Allah there no expense on Masjid. Oman is building larger masjid capacity 170,000. Without
    the sultan names on it. Mashallah Jordan needs to build attractive masjid. As Saudi Arabia!

  • Architectural traditional, but still excellent. Majid dedicated to great statesmen King Hussein! May
    Allah make pease upon him. Sorry that he left us to soon, regarding. Masjid I say sorry for those
    whom think! Differently, inadequately designed…you figure. Magnificate Masjid yes like Iran or
    Oman! Ishallah probably Malik Abdullah shall build a larger Majid. As UAE or Kuwait to fund it make it
    large over 100,000! King Hussein would admire this in honor. May Allah make peace upon or brother


  • Masha” Allah brothers brothers Allah states. The masjid is where? The field or where salat is be
    performed. The concept is for gathering… Brothers. i admire your interest in architecture. My comment did Jordan. Misuse or overstate the purpose of masjid. Yes I reside in Arab gulf area I am
    angered. That these nations are secular yes Brothers! Only royalty can use a masjid capacity of 20 or
    40 thousand? And non nationals are excluded from masjids. For private usage not ( confuse) the
    readers there not. Located on estates but main streets…this aganist the Deen. Jordan along with
    other nations use and retain the fuction of the Holy masjid. You have excellent Imams and Mufi’s

    IsAllah i still reading the Hadith I shall make. Dawah for Jordan and King Hussein great leader praise
    your respectful leadership. Your Royal Excellency your mis in the Ummah. And you practice Islam
    not like some leaders whom only be name! Back the article were getting into imgages. Allah states
    man shall worship icons and this world! Masjid is to worship Allah not an museum this problem. Brothers did understand your writings? The masjid I shall not state in Ummah for private usage.
    could have been use to build. Madrass in Ummah yes there hundreds of unuse masjid for royal
    usuage in Ummah! They build them and elite perfer to do salat. At home or private masjid I never
    heard of such concept. Make Dawad for us so we see the light! Salaam the masjid is fine not
    impress because the building stone is the highest price!

  • This the truth: living Arab gulf since. They have immediate cash! But still the purpose of Masjid is
    community and Salat. Regarding th Masjid in Oman yes this accurate I saw. Plans for it very ornate
    it shall be larger than the current. Sultan Qaboos Masjid at least Jordan build a sufficient. Mosque
    and architectural concept reminds me of ancient Asia Minor region. I know it shall use for the function
    of Masjid which anyone. No matter what rank in society can pray! No brothers the comments listed
    you have live. Her to understand it there eliteness and snubbish to. Arab heritage means nothing it
    your wealth and tribe. But still great mosque King Abdullaha if his. His Highness needs a Jummah Majid
    Allah shall provide it. Not to impress you have the largest? Also Arab gulf have limit amount of qualifed
    Imams most come from the Ummah. Jordan,Egypt,Syria,Algeria and Pakistan. I guess there concern
    wealth bragging boasting whom. Is the richest by finance to western media! Jordan laugh at the
    inept comments. Jordan knows how to use public fiscal finance. Appropriately, the Masjid can be a closet as long follow Allah! IshAllah start building engineering, finance islamic,hospitals and Islamic
    entertainment. Besides Arab lets influence all moslem societies. Alegrian I still admire Amman and Cario
    you have class.

  • Mash’Allah is great! Nice Masjid which Oman and Kuwait assisted. Construction does it matter what
    size. I enjoy Jordan besides you’ll eventually. Get larger Masjid Emir of Qatar is building Jummah
    Masjid in Lahore. Said to be the largest after Mecca! I work in Oman the anticipated Masjid which.
    Dimensions are for capacity of 170 thousands! Allah is great we need Jummah masjids. I like the
    exterior but not. The interior should make a statement of cultural contributions. Of the Kingdom of Jordan. King of Bahrain is anticipating to build masjid. Manama 120 thousand Mugal-Persian style
    with large musalla for 80 thousand wow! Thank you Black Iris on your wonderful site Salaam!

    Brother Khalid from Sidistian

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