• I’ve logged in just to post this photo….

    Of course they’ll tell you:

    1.Terrorists hiding between civilians, human shiled (Even if it’s true, the human shield are not accounted for anyway?Are they
    2. Palestians leave their kids wondering on the street
    3.We’ll open an invistigation and after 4 months the guy will be out
    4. Like who gonna complain!It’s just another Pales kid!

    Addusotor had this photo, but it actually shows two babies, I’ll get it tommorow!

  • Oh my God! What could be going in that little girl’s head now!! What kind of childhood would she have! I mean she survived enough to remember anything of this

  • The Israeli military said it may have been responsible for the killing, but said it was targeting Palestinians firing rockets.

    How come this is always the IOF’s statement and how come it’s always the same result. I mean at one point, one would expect the world to tell these idiots that they’re doing one crappy job of catching the people who fire rockets. Someone has to tell them that they can’t do this anymore.

    “The IDF [Israel Defence Forces] does not target civilians,” a military spokesperson said.

    No no, see, that’s not how it is. The IOF [Israel Occupation Forces] do target civilians. What the hell do you call the 1000 civilians they kill every year? Collateral damage? To what? To a hundred or so terrorists?

  • Hamzeh, let me let you in on a secret you’re already aware of…there are no Palestinian civilians, only terrorists…so when you read this very very common and default statement: â??The IDF [Israel Defence Forces] does not target civilians,â? you get a better idea of the loophole they IOF has discovered.

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