Nasser Judeh Unleashed

The man’s got a point…

â??Government Spokesperson Nasser Judeh on Monday responded sternly to a recent call by Human Rights Watch (HRW) for Jordan to allow more than 100 Palestinian refugees at the Iraqi border into the country.

â??They shifted emphasis from concern for human rights, perhaps, to politics, interfering in the sovereign and political rights of every sovereign nation,â? Judeh told reporters at a weekly press briefing.

Around 130 Palestinian refugees are currently stranded on the Iraqi side of the border with Jordan after fleeing violence in the neighbouring country, according to HRW. Unlike Iraqi nationals, the New York-based group said, these Palestinians cannot enter Jordan on tourist visas.

Judeh said â??it’s unfair to expect Jordan to have an open door policy.â?

â??Iraq is surrounded by five countries. I find it very strange that the emphasis is on Jordan to open up its borders to anybody and everybody,â? he added.

â??HRW needs to question the motivation and the reasons behind certain NGOs’ active encouragement to the Palestinian refugees in Iraq to get to the Jordanian border, in specific.â?

Judeh thought that â??HRW should have perhaps directed its concern towards international institutions for the protection of refugees in the countries in which they happen to be settled in.â?

Last week, HRW Director of Middle East and North Africa Division Sarah Leah Whitson said â??the international community should assist Jordan and resettle these Palestinians in third countries acceptable to these refugees.â?

Judeh said Jordan has done its â??fair share at a huge financial cost over many decades in terms of accepting refugees and settling them.â?

â??If you look at the track record of Jordan over more than five decades, in terms of accepting refugees, the track is spotless,â? he added. â?

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  • Jordan, however, throughout its history has been a model for humanitarian assisstance at a time when fellow Arabs have been in need. It is to the benefit of Jordan’s Arab spirit to continue in this path. Especially given the Palestinan origins of many of Jordan’s present day citizenry

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