Today I Remember: A Poem

he came with prophecy
wrapped in the space
in his heart
where an angel
had removed malice
like a black seed
drawing back the velvet curtain
to reveal
to reveal
to reveal
to submit

today I remember

the comfort
of warm stars
and crescent moons
that painted a desert canvas
he lead caravans in the night sky
with one message
one word

today I remember

on Sun dried
I recognize
a history
of struggles
of men and women
and angels
and prophets
in arabesque
drawing shivers
like the golden fire
exploding in Hira
to reveal
to reveal
to reveal
the beginning

today I remember

and I would follow
in his shadow
if I could see only traces of it
and I would chase
pieces of it
before the wind
blew his footprints from the sand
I would memorize the lines
in this book between my hands
to remember
to submit
to something greater than myself
to something larger than the self
to run in the path
of the light he shown my way
for these are just some of the things
that I would say

if he were alive today

Remember (or discover)


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