Dirty Little Secret Kinda Radio

Spring is in the air! So it’s a good time to have some uplifting tunes to commemorate the season.

I’ll start off with the good news. One of my top 5 favorite bands of all time, the Goo Goo Dolls, has a new album coming out this month. They released several singles over the past year for charity purposes since the songs had a suitable theme. Give a Little Bit came out during the Tusnami of 2004 and Better Days came out a few weeks after Katrina I believe. The acoustic version of Better Days came out soon after and just in time too, as I used it for my In Memoriam clip/video after the Amman Bombings in November. Both great great tunes.

So now the Goos are back with a new record, Let Love In, coming out on April 25th. Even better is that they’ll be going on tour this summer with another one of my top 5 favorites, the Counting Crows. Hopefully I can catch that when it comes to town.

The first single “Stay With You” is a really great tune to rock out to.

The All American Rejects who made it big with “Swing Swing” are back with a great hit “Dirty Little Secret”. Now let me just say this, I KNOW I’m not the only blogger out there who might recognise the music video for this song as a take on the blog Post Secret which recently won the 2006 Bloggie for Best American Blog. Check out the video and tell me what you think.

A few other good tunes for the season: “Always Love” for Nada Surf and “Right Here” for Staind. Ignore the last 2 seconds of the latter as it’s a radio rip.

If you’re not to happy about the sudden change of seasons or are just having one of those days, listen to REM’s “Bad Day”.

As for the more mellow tracks, I will not dissapoint. Check out the piano driven “Running For Home” by Mathew Good Band and the folk acoustic “Heartbeats” by a new artist, Jose Gonzalez, who I saw playing it live on Conan O’Brien a few days ago and thought it was great.

Give’em a listen on the Black Iris Radio.

“Fooled by my own desires
I twist my fate just to feel you
But you, turn me toward the light
And you’re one with me
Will you run with me?”

Stay With You – Goo Goo Dolls

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