There’s Something About Harry

At first look Harry Taylor may look like your average 61-year old, khaki wearing American at a town hall meeting to support Bush. But then of course he spoke…

“I would hope from time to time that you have the humility and the grace to be ashamed of yourself.” Said Harry.

How he slipped past the Secret Service screenings remains unknown.

Mind you had Harry done the same thing in the overwhelming majority of nations in the world he would not be around to finish his comment. So this is one of those things that remind me how great America can be at times. It’s just all that other policy stuff like you know, war, that usually gets to me!

Kos blogger Grokgov has set up a site to thank him.

Read a transcript here.

Here’s the video…


  • He was speaking for many Americans and non-Americans….. I still believe America is a great country because these things can still happen there, although I’m not sure if America had ten more presidents like Bush that people will still be free to say things like that.

    God bless you Harry!

  • LOL… wow, very nice clip.. thanks for sharing.. “I’m not your favorite guy! h3h3h3h3” laaaa?!! baikha…

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