Have You Been Praying to the Wrong God?

Just one of the many questions that have come up since a new study has apparently “proved” that praying does not help sick patients get better. So remember all the times you felt really sick and you clasped your hand together and cried out to the Lord with promises to change your sinful ways if He would just bring a little healin’ your way? Well maybe you should stop, or at least revise your choice of God.

What’s even more damaging is that the study shows that those who knew they were being prayed for actually got worse! To be fair this study was done with patients undergoing some type of heart surgery so perhaps prayer works for only certain medical conditions. Also it involved Christian groups so the results may not be inclusive of all religions. Which begs the ultimate question: how the heck is Benny Hinn still in business?

On a more serious note I really hate these kinds of studies. I mean can you imagine God looking down on the Human race conducting “scientific studies” to see if prayer will make Him heal people? The study cost $2.4 million and it took ten years to complete. How about doing something better with the time, money and resources? Like I dunno…help find a cure for cancer? Can I get an Amen?!

Meanwhile, The Daily Show takes a deeper look into the study…


  • ROFL…I love this post. I liked how you pointed out how it must be for God to be watching this. It must cause him to laugh to see people trying to indirectly dissect Him to see what makes him tick and even better figure out how to “control” him. I imagine in a lot of the minds of the people who did this study, something like this exists. God = Genie. Maybe they watched Alladin one to many tiimes.

  • AMEN, Nas, preach it, glory Halleluia that’s right!

    As if God was a puppet and our prayers the strings. As if He doesn’t love to heal the suffering, yet also chose to allow for miracles within the confines of the natural.

    I feel so sorry for those who live outside the realm of the miraculous, when God opens the heavens and gives a glimpse of glory.

    I had no idea it cost that much. What a waste.

  • Prayer is not a hammer. You can’t treat it as if it were a tool. Doesn’t discourage most religious people though, from what I’ve noticed.

  • well, i know i shouldnt comment,,,
    but i cant help it…

    i must say that i believe in god, but i dont think god is looking at someone,,, i dont think god is listening to someone,,

    so hell with those “scientific studies” and hell with prayers as well… and since a prayer dosent help to heal,,, im sure it wont get it worse,, so say it ,, or not ,,, who cares!!

    sorry in advance if anyone feels offended,,, i really really dont want to argue about it

  • oleander, how did you draw that conclusion from what I wrote πŸ˜€

    Natalia, no it doesn’t, Thank God πŸ˜‰

    Abu 7amarneh, I’d watch what you say, after all the study only says prayer doesnt work with heart surgery…so you could be in trouble πŸ˜€

  • Another non-story from the press. I personally tend to believe prayer is helpful, but God’s not like a coke machine — you don’t insert a prayer, in order to be issued a miracle.

    There was another study a while back that “proved” prayer was beneficial. I took that one with as big a grain of salt as I’m taking this one; frankly, I don’t know why scientists are wasting their time trying to quantify it.

    I used to work in the healthcare field — and saw that prayer is one of those things that certainly didn’t hurt, and might even help. You can always get your hands on a prayer, carries few side effects, doesn’t spread bacterial infection, and you don’t have to bill an insurance company for it.

    Fun article, Naseem; it always amazes me how Jon Stewart “gets it right.”


  • Gotta love Benny Hinn there at the end of the Daily Show clip.

    “Feel the power of Christ through my sports jacket!” *whack*

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