Who Will Be The Next Speilberg?

Yes, another reality tv show. This time it’s in search of the next great director.

â??16 finalists will be divided into two teams and each group has to produce (and write, and direct, and castâ?¦) a short film each week. Fox says that the contestants will be forced to deal with the pitfalls that any major player could face–creative differences, budgetary problems, deadlines, etc.–but that they will also have access to some high-caliber perks, such as the opportunity to collaborate with Industry insiders and big-name celebs.

On the Lot will unfold over two nights a week, with night number one featuring an hourlong “film premiere” episode to screen the teams’ work, which will tackle a different genre each week

The last aspiring Spielberg, Scorsese, Tarantino or Coppola standing will win a studio development deal with DreamWorks. [source]�

You know I used to love background stories. The hardships certain people overcame in order to become these great successes. Whether it’s businessmen or actors. It makes them more human. But what will the next generation have to say? “I was on a show and I won a career”?

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  • I’m still waiting for the ultimate reality tv show.. listen to this.

    It’s a show with contestants competing to convince judges of their idea for a new reality show. Of course there has to be weekly eliminations, and all kinds of “drama” and “suspense”
    The idea is brilliant, it’s so real I can feel it, wait, I can even smell it.

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