Gospel of Judas to be Published

I don’t buy it

â??The Gospel of Judas, a papyrus document from the 3rd or 4th Century AD, tells the story of Jesus’ death from the fallen disciple’s point of view. Alleged to be a copy of an even older text, it casts Judas as a benevolent figure, helping Jesus to save mankind.

The early Christian Church denounced such teachings as heretical. The 31-page fragile document, written in the Coptic language, was discovered in Egypt in the 1970s. National Geographic Magazine in the US is to publish the first English translation of the text on Thursday.

For 2,000 years Christianity has portrayed Judas as the treacherous apostle who betrayed his divine master with a kiss, leading to his capture and crucifixion. According to the Bible, Judas received 30 pieces of silver for the act, but died soon afterwards.

But the Gospel of Judas puts Judas in a positive light, identifying him as Christ’s favourite disciple and depicting his betrayal as the fulfilment of a divine mission to enable the crucifixion – and thus the foundation of Christianity – to take place. [continued]â?


  • When did Yahutha right this bible? he committed suicide after Jesus was crucified and before (el 3ansara)? so if he did have enough time to write it, it wouldn’t have been inspired by the holy spirit.
    are there other bibles out there? will we ever know ?

    3ala seeret Yahutha ..here’s a joke
    a priest teaching young students about the bible quizes one student
    priest: give me a verse from the bible
    student: Thahaba Yahutha wa Shanaqa nafsoh
    priest:sha6er a36eeny ghairha
    student: Ith.hab anta wa isna3 kathalek 😀

    it was funny when i was 10 😀

  • I have a theory that the Zionist-Christians are behind a few introduced ideas into Christianity. One of them is this: that the Jews have no blood on their hands regarding the killing of Jesus.

    The other is about the myth of recreating Israel so that they can convert all the Jews to Christianity (which was an aborted project when Jesus couldn’t complete it).

    The third, I believe, is the Da Vinci Code, in order to rectify some notions in Christianity and blame the dead Roman Emperor Constantine the Great for the odd ideas in Christianity, such as the Trinity, stance on Feminism…etc.

    Those documents were found in 1970, I wonder why they are being published at an optimal time in the Zionist/Christian alliance?

  • depicting his betrayal as the fulfilment of a divine mission to enable the crucifixion – and thus the foundation of Christianity – to take place


    My little sister can make up better stories to get away with things. Funny stuff.

  • I don’t buy it either. This logic of Christians thinking that Judas’ actions were positive is equivilant to a Jewish person thinking that thanks to Hitler, there is the state of Israel.


  • I don’t think that the researchers are claiming that Judas really wrote this. They’re saying that it was written about 100 years later by a sect of early Christians. So it’s pretty historically interesting, but it’s not real.

  • Ever since the Passion of the Christ, the jewish media has tried to over and over again bring down the name of Christianity and make insults to Jesus. I think its fishy that not only this but the DA VINCI CODE movie is about to be released near Easter… I dont think its right what they are doing… this gospel of judas is only trying to make jesus look like a fraud. and to say that jesus was never crucified is something that is more blasphemous… all of the quran i respect except for that.

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