Jordanian Bloggers: A Cultural Project?

I’ve been reading with some great interest the latest entries over at Tololy’s Box on some of the most facinating aspects of our Jordanian culture and traditions. (you should give them a read)

Then it came to me: the number one resource people always look to in order to discover more about our culture and traditions is the Internet nowadays. Books are out dated and articles are not much help at all.

And right now I believe Jordanian bloggers have the edge on the Internet in our society. We are the only people talking about our history our identity, our culture, traditions and national heritage. Suffice to say Jordan is a small country and information out there is limited. Only its people can help define it and introduce it to the world, and I believe bloggers are the people who have the power to do so. Case in point, whenever I post something that is somewhat cultural on my blog I always get a post or two from people who know nothing about Jordan and want to know a lot more.

There is a vast collection of just great posts written from the first hand perspectives and observations of Jordanian bloggers. Tololy, Natasha, Roba, Firas, Khalidah, and the “culture vulture” Lina, are just a big handful of Jordanian bloggers who post every now and then about these topics (myself included). I’m talking about posts which discuss our society, our customs, new cultural phenomenas, cultural clashes, hang out places, those old places, just everything in that realm and I think by the time you finish reading this sentence you will have probably remembered a post you remember reading (or writing) some place, some where. Find it.

So I wanted to start a bit of a project.
I don’t know what shape or form it will take in the long run so I’m open to ideas from all; an article, a group blog, a website etc. But for now I’m simply aiming to collect this vast assortment of posts from various Jordanian blogs that talk about our culture, traditions, history and heritage etc. The goal right now is to simply have this collection and find a way to use it in a positive way that will help give people all over the world an insight in to Jordan and who we are as Jordanians, as a people.

Again I’m welcome to all ideas and please feel free to post links to posts you’ve seen around the Jordanian blogosphere that make mention of these topics.

I want to focus on posts which actually discuss something or describe something but for now anything will do; sorting the data to make it useful will be another task all together.

Links Thus Far:

I’m too lazy to dig for more but I will add to it if everyone helps me out. If it doesn’t appear then please email me so I can dig it out from the death grip of my spam karma plugin

Also, please include the title of the post.

UPDATE: I added a few categories, very broad ones, just to help make the listing smoother.


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Ø£Ù?خرÙ?جÙ?ا Ù?Ù? Ù?Ù?Ù?بِ اÙ?صÙ?خرِ Ø¥Ù?ساÙ?Ù? اÙ?عِزÙ?ةِ Ù? اÙ?فÙ?خر
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Your Two Piasters: