What’s The Matter With Denmark?

This past week Jason Jones on The Daily Show paid a visit to Denmark after the cartoon controversy to find out more about the country that has “inflamed global tension”. It’s quite revealing and informative; a look in to Danish imperialism. Watch Part One & Part Two

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    Thats really funny, and of course absolutely true.

    However if you want to read an interview with another cartoonist it can be found on the website on one of the local papers:

    And then to give you a bit more background to how life has changed during the last months.

    Seen retrospectively it is clear to many of us that muslims have had to put up with a lot of negative talk from politicians and others. I and most others I believe have seen it as stupid talk from stupid people, and more or less ignored it. I’m afraid this has let many muslims feel that no-one likes them.

    Now there is much more awareness about how religious people feel, in stead of just saying, we have religious freedom so be happy.

    Another important thing is that many moderate muslims have started speaking for them selves, so there now is a public muslim voice saying that Islam and democracy are very much compatible.

    Many people are trying to learn more about Islam. Books on the subject, with or without illustrations πŸ˜‰ are being sold out. And I dont think I’m the only one visiting black-iris and others blogs to get another view at the muslim world than the TV-news are able to.

    On the negative side:
    The least immigrant friendly party in the parliament is gaining support πŸ™
    Some of the leaders of the moderate muslims are receiving death threats πŸ™

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