Counting 23.4 Seconds

By the time you finish reading all of this a baby in Egypt will have been born. That’s right. According to the census Egypt’s population now stands at 73.6 million with a baby born every 23.4 seconds. Since 2000 the population has been increasing at the rate of 1.3 million a year.

Does this indicate poor family planning? Increased poverty levels?

In Jordan a child is born every 3 minutes.


  • A baby in Jordan every 3 min.? That explains why the Jordanain population doubles every 19 years! It’s not only Jordan… the Palestinain poulation doubles every 17 years, while the Russia for example, doubles every 250 years! Boom or burst… I wonder about the Egyptian poulation…

  • Here is a question for you guys and girls. Do religious conservatives in Islamic countries have a problem with birth control? Some Christian conservatives in the United States do. I am curious as to whether conservatives in Islamic societies hold the same view.

    I think the birth control problem will have to be tackled one way or another eventually. I mean the Middle East isn’t exactly rich in water and arable land. Countries like Saudi Arabia can exchange petroleum for such goods and subsidize uneconomical drip irrigation and hydroponics, but someday when the oil runs out, if they don’t control their population and drastically diversify their economy, they will be in serious trouble.

  • samaritan, there’s nothing islamically which prohbits contraception or birth control or anything with the intent of family planning, as long as it does not harm the body. As far as I know I’ve never heard any of the radicals or the far right say anything against it. I’m sure there’s probably a few that do no doubt, somewhere.

    it is indeed a big problem in nations where resources are low, unemployment is high etc. the problem is that while Islam is very extensive and detailed when it comes to sex education it is socially considered a taboo and so no one actually recieved that education. and add to that the fact that even if it was available many people still dont recieve education as a whole. egypt still has a considerbly high illiteracy rate compared to Jordan or other Arab nations. so it’s a mix of problems and their sources.

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