Government Gets Its Report Card

â??Public evaluation of the performance of the government of Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit after 100 days in office fell significantly short of expectations recorded following its formation in November 2005, a national poll revealed Saturday.

According to an opinion poll released by the University of Jordan’s Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS), the percentage of national sample, made up of 984 respondents from the general public, who believe the government was unsuccessful in shouldering its responsibilities was 16.2 per cent. In December last year, only 7.1 per cent of this sample said they believed the government would not be able to fulfil its responsibilities.

…Pollster Fares Braizat said the findings were in line with the past 10 years’ general trend of decline in public confidence in government, a factor he said was an increasingly serious problem for the executive.

…the national sample placed terrorism as fourth in priorities of problems that the government should immediately tackle

â??All I care about is feeding my children and being able to pay for diesel and heating for my house at the end of each month. Nothing else matters to me,â? said an employee at a supermarket.

â??People want tangible results. We want to feel a difference in our lives especially on the economic level,â? he added.

…Of the polled national sample, 26 per cent said the government was successful in dealing with poverty, 28 per cent said it was successful in tackling unemployment and 32 per cent said it succeeded in improving living standards.

The results indicated a decline from expectations made upon the government’s formation (44 per cent, 49 per cent and 51 per cent). [Jordan Times]â?

The national sample I guess is as predictable as ever. The government was sworn in during a post-Amman attack. I think it says plenty that despite the constant threat of terrorism and having the biggest attack happen only 4 months ago, people are less concerned with their safety and more concerned with the economics of their lives. Note this poll was conducted between March 9th and 13th, only 9 days after the prison riots and hostage situation led by AlQueda imprisoned members and what was apparently a potentially even greater attack than November 11th being foiled a few hours after.

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