Terrorist Threat on a Jordanian Website

â??A 29-year-old Syrian man standing trial at the State Security Court (SSC) for allegedly threatening terrorist acts in the Kingdom, sovaldi sale on Monday denied the charges.

Yousef R., buy cialis a blacksmith, find is charged by the SSC prosecutor with threatening the use of force to disrupt security and spread panic among people following the Nov. 9, 2005, triple bombings in Amman.

The defendant allegedly posted threatening text on the political forum of the Jordan Information Centre (JIC) website under the user name 911 and password â??blood,â? the charge sheet said.

â??I was exhausted and drunk after drinking some vodka and I believe someone else used the computer I was using to post the text,â? the defendant told the court in a written testimony.

The text read: â??If you think that you have ended us then you are mistaken. Watch out for new and mass explosions at a strategic place, which has many infidel people… I demand JD1 million in ransom and the release of my sister Sajida. Ha ha ha. Death has approached you infidels.â?

…In his three-page written testimony, the suspect claimed that he was subjected to torture and duress by the security forces shortly after his arrest.

â??There were bruises and torture marks on my face and other parts of my body and the prison authorities changed my prison cell twice when the Red Cross came for an inspection visit so that they would not see me,â? Yousef charged in his statement.

The defendant arrived in the Kingdom in September 2005 and was employed by a shop in Jerash, the charge sheet said.

The defendant was visiting relatives in Zarqa on Nov. 18, when he went to an Internet café and allegedly posted the text on the JIC website, the charge sheet said.

The suspect was arrested shortly after the incident and confessed, according to the charge sheet. �


I wonder how he knew the Red Cross were coming in for an inspection? Is it right to take such threats so seriously, especially after 11/9?


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