7 Hills (Drive): A Poem

From a darker threshold
new wave crawls in from the desert
on wings of happenstance
get in the car and drive
circle 7 hills
that were born
to grow old together
live and die young forever
worn out; seen better days, however
she had poetry in her eyes
rose petals on her lips
rolling hills that the asphalt embraces
I wander through her special places
motionless curves; the sound catches me
off guard
as finger traces
the rim of a glass
reminds me how
I love this city

Summer nights crave
masters of metaphors
beduion cliches
playing cards by starlight
dirty cups of coffee make bad days
feel a bit alright
brutal in the daylight
chorus of horns make for quicker paces
through the crowds I catch familiar faces
God knows this city’s too small to hide in
rolled down windows revealing
all our hang out spaces
you know: those common places
that tend to call on memories
that time erases

With unlit corridors
crooked street signs and late night cafes
social blanket wraps around
beggar child, beggar daughter
ripped up weaves and filthy thieves
soliciting graffiti murals
on colossal walls designed to keep them out
so into darkness they escape
to read the poetry in her eyes
smell the iris on her lips
and I listen
to the silence that catches me
red handed
upon tracing the rim
of the hour glass
because I love this city
and though the careless
could care less
it reminds me
that someone is looking out
for everyone

( drive )

Written By: Naseem Tarawnah
Photo: “Amman Street Lights” by Sabri Hakim


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