Sharon Stone Making Out With Shimon Peres

No one knew who Sharon Stone was until she starred in the semi-porn flick Basic Instint in 1992. With the uncrossing of her legs she redefined sexuality in Hollywood movies and managed to distract enough movie goers from the fact that it was one of the dummest movies ever made.

Now she might be worried that men might not want to see her naked at 48 in Basic Instinct 2 which comes out later this month, so there’s only one way to boost a career: go to Israel and make out with Shimon Peres.

Stone visited Israel on a trip to sponser peace. She played some football with a couple of Israeli and Palestinian kids. Took some photos. Said she would “kiss just about anyone” who could bring an end to the country’s long-running conflict with Palestine. Evidently Shimon Peres is the man who’s done so, it’s just that none of us realise it yet. The two locked lips and it was awkward for everyone.

Israeli reporters however were less interested in her ‘humanitarian’ efforts and more interested in whether she would be naked in Basic Instinct 2. She said “yes!”. And the room was vacated.

I wonder if in a bid for peace between Israel and Palestine if Sharon Stone will make some time to visit Palestine; maybe a refugee camp or two. Just visiting some center for peace in Jaffa doesn’t give anyone the ability to understand what Palestinians in Gaza for example are going through. The woman has (or had) an IQ of 154, so hopefully she’ll figure it out. And maybe a Palestinian will get himself kissed. It’s moments like these that I wish Arafat was still alive, he’d show her a thing or two about kissing. Of course he’d have to do it via satellite since Israel would probably have his compound surrounded.

Stone, for her part, told Peres â??I admire you, sir, so greatly, itâ??s beyond discussion or I would just sit here in a puddle of tears. That I can sit here beside you is my greatest achievement.â?

But hey think of the ratings when Stone announces to Leno on the Tonight Show that she just solved the conflict and all it needed was a little first base action. Now if that isn’t sexy enough to get some pre-show tickets sold, I don’t know what is.


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