When Age is Just, uhem, a Number?

â??Ali Hussein Salameh is looking for a beautiful young lady to marry, and he insists that she be blonde and no more than 40 years old. At 120, Salameh (known as Abu Mohammad) refuses his sons’ proposal to bring a maid to take care of him and insists he wants to get married.

The Irbid Governorate resident, who worked his entire life as a farmer, said he needs a wife, not a maid.

The father of 16 children, who has never smoked, said he drinks â??one kilogramme of olive oil each dayâ? and eats all kinds of food, with a preference for fish. He said he has never been sick or had a medical checkup, and added that he walks five kilometres daily. According to official figures from Sharia courts and churches in the country, more than 9,000 men aged more than 65 years old got married during 2004, compared to only 15 women in this age bracket during the same period [source]â?


  • yazalameh bese77ello, wak en allah an6aany 3omor wegroosh, wmarah tesma7ly atjawwaz 3aleeha, gheer adawwer 3ala 3aroos. olive oil u said? Dude, I need a new medicine, something like an anti-viagra, yazalameh shoohath, ka2enny bale3 ra6el zeitoon daily. LOOL

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